Monday, November 9, 2009

Haha, I think this photo is taken on the second last day of school. Lol, when editting the photo, I tried putting the moustache on Rasyidah's face and actually thought that she looked better that way. She look more like the boss with the tie and moustache, BUT hiakhiak, I'm the real boss. BLEH!
Aww, look at the photo. Rasyidah you better continue irritating me next year. Lol, I actually wished Rasyidah would irritate me more in the future, I dont wanna lose a good friend like her, ever! HAHA.
Btw, I got news to announce. No doubt it's good news, guess what? WRSSVB Girls just did it again? Lol, we won Dunman High Secondary School and came in FIRST in our group. So we're in the second round. Gonna draw lots this Sunday for the schools we'll be competing in the second round. Second round will be more tougher and challenging than ever without Pantita and Tiffany with us. But we're never gonna give up okay! -by Xinpei [Lol.]
Second news! Guess what day is today? Lol, ALISON'S BIRTHDAY! So Happy Birthday Alison! Haha, I stayed up till 12am to wish her. k fine, I'm 9mins late, but I still hope I'm the first to wish her. I wrote her a card, and I swear it's the best card I ever written eventhough it's plain with only yellow and black. I hope Alison like the fan I gave her, suit her as our AGOGO VB team's MAMASAN. HAHA :D
Tmr is our class posting results. Actually I wanted to go to 3-2, but still I wouldnt mind taking another pure science in 3-3. yea, like what I loved to say, the more the merrier right? Lol, and I believe I'll have friends in there :D Gonna get my chocolates tmr, hiakhiak.
ALSO another good-cum-bad news. Lol, it's the Solarcar Competition. I came in second :D But I wanna be first, damn Nicholas. Runfa didnt win as well. Aiya, nevermind la hor. Runfa, we let him win one lo. Lol, at least we're top 3. HAHA, Runfa still say wanna compete with me in the final round. Haha, nevermind lo. He still gonna treat Xiaojun, Hongye and I to KBOX and we will not forget. Waiting for him to come back from China, come back fast la.
Oh btw, I came to know about the Solarcar Competition Results not cos Aloysious tell me [-,- he help me race and didnt even inform me anything, lol.], it's cos when Eunice and I were helping Ms Ngoh move her stuffs to her car, we saw Mr Ben Tay, then he tell me. So sad. I dont even know if my car beat Mr Ravin, I want the $$. Lol, sian la. K, maybe I'm stubborn, cos I dont wanna modify my car to make it lighter even after alot of persuasion from Mr Tay and Runfa. HEHE.
K, I've no more news. But there's more to come from our upcoming U16 matches :D

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