Sunday, July 12, 2009

Went to 338 to play basketball with Runfa, Zhigang. Shuiyuan, Jonathan, Kiansheng, Yingjie, Chaoxin and Alison. I went to Alison's house to watch Michael Jackson's MV, lol, they're nice! I love the moonwalk. Then went down to the court to play. Played volleyball at first, then basketball. Played full court, walau, luckily we win lo, or else I surely pekcek. Haha, run so much then never win. hehe.

Then rest, played alot. After awhile, we played Murderer (card game, not basketball one -,-). Jonathan is a good killer man, with his small eyes. haha! Dont say back me ok. Lol, I was a police once. Wow, imagine if Chaoxin and I be the murderer again, poof, all dead. HAHA. If the police catch wrong person, the police will have to do a forfeit, if the murderer was caught, also must do forfeit. Our forfeit is like a dare la, then I dared Alison and Runfa to dance in the middle of the road. They danced indian dance. Then dared Runfa and Kiansheng to sing a song on the forth floor of 338, there was a baby crying then, they sang 'apunehneh' -,-. Haha, then dared Alison again to do the egypt-like symbol infront of other people. haha, she's daring man. Then Runfa's last dare was to do a 1-10 act cute pose. LOL, he will paiseh one siah!

Chaoxin left after awhile, as well as Yingjie, and we one last game with Shuiyuan's brother.

I got sian, then eat sweets, et cetra. Hmm, watched them play basketball, Jonathan's phone rang thrice -,,- got damn irritated. Because Alison went to get Jonathan when the phone rang the first time, then the second time she go again, but before she reach the ringing stopped. Then the third time it rang, she look at me, I look at her. Haha.

Then it started to drizzle, and Alison said she was cold. We moved inside the playground as there is shelter. They started playing with the sweets as Alison got one whole bottle of it. There was this indian boy who tried to tell us off that we cannot sit inside the playground, then we say,"we give you sweet you shutup ok." haha, then he take the sweets and shutup man. Then wenxuan started throwing sweets onto the ground and the indian boy went all over to pick it up like some beggar. Then we also throw lo, his friend also come and help him pick. haha, then some of the bball seniors came, one, dejin, came to say something. Then he take the sweets, pour out it entire contents. Lol, then left like 5 for us. lol, but he gave back in the end la. Then started playing things we shouldnt be playing, wasting sweets, throwing it around, littering. Haha, fun la. Then chatted alot. Then Jonathan and wenxuan was 'quarreling', then suddenly wenxuan on music, then jonathan started dancing instead of scolding. walau damn funny, I imagine only can laugh siah. Then talk about losing weight etc.

Went home at 7.45pm exactly. Lol.

This post is screwed and I have no idea where the pose number 3 went to, lol. Aiya, same face one la. Haha.

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