Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lol, Xiaojun and I keep playing with Runfa's hat and shades.

Haha, Runfa's extra rice chicken rice. The rice looks so wrong, so we added black sauce to make it look MORE wrong. HAHA.
Went to school early in the morning, saw Runfa immediately. Waited for our posting results to be pinned on the notice board. I got into class 3-3, k the news is abit late. Lol, and 3-3 students seems more fun than 3-2 students. HAHA, no wonder Rasyidah's so sad. Btw, he appeal to 3-3 failed. The appeal was closed when she tried.
Went Vivocity with Runfa to buy his shoes, I swear I didnt feel like going anywhere, but the feeling of rotting at home sucks just as much, so I went out. Waited for Runfa at the Adidas shop until I going mad alr i tell you. I mean at first still fun la, got play play and try all the super expensives adidas clothes, but so bored. Waited for him like 1 hour plus leh. Then in the end he cant get his shoes as the computer is spoiled. Which means Xiaojun and I waited 1 hour plus for him for nothing. OMGGGGGGG.
Gonna get our class tees tomorrow. So excited, then going to Matthio's house afterwards. I've been running to places far away lately, to bugis, to queenstown (lol, i guess not anymore since the class tees are settled.) and going to plaza singapura. And movie marathon with Xiaojun, haha. Hopefully can make it la.

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