Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haha, here to give you guys some great news of our achievements in the U16 matches. First match against Sembawang Secondary School, WON! Played 3 sets:
1st set- 22/25 (lost)
2nd set-25/11 (won)
3rd set-15/13(won)
Great match guys, we're gonna play all the way through to the second round alright? :D
Today is the match against Anderson Secondary School, WON! :D Played 2 sets:
1st set-16/25
2nd set-20/25
Woohoo, win one more set and we can get to the second round. I have confidence in my team! :D
Lol, Junjie, Darren and Hongye miss me too much. So I'm going to Hougang to watch them play. K fine, I miss Hongye. Heard of the news from Xiaojun and I seriously want to see him. Someday Xiaojun and I and him are gonna meet up and go have fun outside! :D I dont want to spend my h0lidays all in school ):
Argh, so little to post about. I suddenly forgot that I missed out a post on the Halloween night. Haha, eventhough CLIQUES didnt go trick-or-treating, but our Halloween night is good enough to scare the shit out of us. Some of us dont even dare to go home, others didnt dare to watch the disgusting video Mattern (whatever spelling) showed us. Lol. And we had steamboat, at Matthio's house btw, and it was great! Haha, we didnt finish the food. Lol, then afterwards we played CHUBBY BUNNY, and I totally sucked at it. I only ate three and couldnt go on (wth right?) and Rasyidah had nine? Wth, I'm the first to die and the next person to die had six-seven marshmallows. I suddenly feel so suckish. haha, and I had to do a forfeit, which is to dance the GEE dance freestyle. Lol, I forgot how to dance, so it's time for my freestyling! HAHA, it suck as well la. I swear I didnt want to go home after the Halloween night, if Matthio's house is next to my house, if I didnt have match the next day, if he was a girl, so many ifs and I would stayover, I swear. Lol, so I went home in the end. SPOOOOOOOKY!~

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