Monday, November 2, 2009

I am so lazy to post. Okay, correction. NO TIME TO POST. Because I am destined to spend my supposedly longest and most relaxing holiday in trainings and doing homework. I'm considering to chiong my homeworks last minute, hmmm. Haha, except acelearning. Damn it. And the chinese blog thing. Walau, tedioussssss!

Had a friendly match with Christ Church Secondary School, won :D I saw Zixuan, omg. I still think he's hot. Haha, he really is hot what. BUT! He dont remember me, so sad, i think it's cos he never see me or what. haha, nevermind. Saw many other friends like Nurashikin and Nadia. Lol.

I was supposed to play all the games, but damn. Before the third game start, Coach saw my fingernails and complained that they are too long. I know it's my fault, so I blame nobody. :D Haha, sound so wise right. Then coach told me, "Firstly, it's for your own good, for your own safety. Second, it's a lesson for you." Yea, so after the match I went to cwp to buy a nail clipper for 50cents and cut it immediately. I dont understand why others say it's unhygienic. MY NAILS ARE CLEAN -,-

K, tmr is the first U16 match against sembawang. I seriously hope I get to play, because if I dont get to play tmr, when else would I ever get to play again with two seniors fighting the postition with me. LOL. K stop, I shall be optimistic. HAIYA, tmr I sure get to play one. LOL? Btw, I sucked at training today and I'm sorry to those that I had affected. Like what coach say, I'm gonna treat today as a terrible day, so tmr heaven will compensate me with a perfect day. :D Haha, not too optimistic right? Lol.

I'm gonna go jogging and train up my stamina. Xiaojun better be free when I'm free. Lol. We still havent do what we wanted to do!

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