Thursday, November 5, 2009

Darren and Junjie

Melissa, Darren's sister.

Haha, see Melissa sing!

Went jogging with Xiaojun at 7am, it was drizzling a little. Xiaojun run a few rounds only then tired le. NOOB! Haha, then went home to shower as I'm meeting Pantita at cwp afterwards to go watch Evergreen Sec play against YuHua Sec. It was when I reach my house that I realise I didnt bring my house keys and my parents had sent my brother to school, so noone's at home. Sian, so I went to Xiaojun's house to shower. Yea, that day, whatever I wore was hers. I was so lucky we had the same size. Lol.
I was late and kept Pantita waiting for me for so long, sorry. Lol, I explained to her, she didn't seem angry so I guess I'm forgiven :D Hahaha, took bus 161 to Hougang Sports Hall. The journey was around one hour, and I keep in touch with Darren and Junjie to make sure their game havent start. Haha. By the time we reach there, the game just began. Haha, they lost in the end and I'm so pissed that the last ball actually died in Darren's service -,- Lol, they can catch up one lo.
Took bus 161 with Junjie, Darren, Hongye and some of their teammates. Haha, talked about alot of things. Mostly on Darren's crush. Hahaha, he now had my approval to go for her. Lol. Had lunch at Macdonalds at cwp. Saw Qianwen and the other extra extra go 'hi' to her. haha, and we did a prank. Haha, I smsed Darren's crush and told her that I'm his gf. Lol, and that I want her to leave my 'bf' alone. HAHAHAHA, but in the end we end off the prank saying that I smsed wrong person, after seeing Darren's very sad face. I think he almost wanted to cry. Lol.
Actually meeting Xiaojun afterwards one, but then in the end never alr. Went over to Darren's house to play the Band game thing. Lol, there were musical instruments. And in case you have no idea, I totally have no musical talent. Haha, I could play a guitar, bass, and neither could I play a drum. So I sang, but it still sucked. Haha, cos I keep laughing and make my voice so high. Lol, we sang Misery Business and Beat it. Lol, I swear I almost died at Misery Business. Haha, the music is so fast. The songs are all very old, and these are the only two I know better. The game suddenly got so bored when I didnt know the rest of the songs, and I almost went to sleep. Then they all go kajiao me.
I keep pestering Darren to give us some food, we were so hungry. I went to the toilet in the kitchen, with the hope of finding some food and I saw it. Haha, plain bread, eventhough it's plain la, but we were so hungry. Haha, and Darren went to give us some. We almost finished the whole packet. After having enough energy, I played Daidi with Hongye, Pantita and a guy. Then played Bullshit. Lol, Hongye and I won first. then I went crazy by throwing the cards around like I'm some PokerKing, and shouting "Shakala". k, i dont know how the words come about. And Hongye did a stupid prank on me. He threw the cards in my face. k, some of the cards confirm will go missing one lo, I keep throwing around. Then i used Darren's blanket to cover my whole body and pretended to be ghost, but they keep pushing me around, then I did it on Junjie. Haha, REVENGE. Afterwards I tried playing the drum, I totally failed.
I also tried playing the soccer game, I suck at it as well. I anyhow press the buttons one. As long as can move I happy le. Lol, and obviously I lost. And the rest keep tickling me. Disturb me. Btw, Melissa likes me. Haha, she hates Trevor and Darren. HEHEHEHE! Went home at around 7pm.

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