Friday, April 23, 2010

Turn the page, I'm a book, half unread.

Yea, I've been waiting very long for this day. LOL, bloody excited. But the bad thing was, we had to assemble in the field, and it rained in the morning. The field was damn muddy. K some smart people brought newspapers. I actually asked Eunice whether to bring or not, and she say dont want. I have to stacks under my table leh!
Anyway, some of them went to watch the rehearsal. That explains the screaming before the actual timing. Then it's the real thing. Zena was like counting down, and until '12', the explosion sounded. And at that second I was walking halfway to my seat, and I jumped. I ran over to my seat and cover my ears. Totally freaked out.
Then lined up outside the classroom and assemble in the field. K, sombody gave me a sheet of newspapers, it's actually no use cos my cullotes still got wet in the end, but thanks cos it's better than nothing. When I came into the field, some of my campers were calling my name. Aw, Amirul is so cute. HAHA, I was laughing at them when I was sitting and JC was standing. HAHA, then he give me then sad face. LOL. He say i got newspaper never share with him. And I even saw Azri pulling his pants all the way until it's damn short. LOL.
Oh ya, I thought Kit Yee was part of the act. But she still lined up with us. So I asked her,
Me: I thought you got act?
Kityee: No la, never. Help out only.
Me: never meh?
Kityee: never. But I'm not that simple.
Me & Yingjie: HUH.
Kityee: My role is not that simple.
Me & Yingjie: *totally freaked out by her words *
LOL, the way she say it is like she's gonna suddenly faint on my laps in the field you know. I mean I thought that's gonna happen la. If it really happens hor, I think I will faint also. HAHAHA. But in the middle of the assembly, Yingjie and I noticed that she suddenly disappeared. And before I knew it, a scream pierced the air. It was Kityee, damn. Scary la. She's damn drama. HAHA, but nice. I didnt see what happen la, people all standing. Block my view. INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE. LOL.
Afterwards we moved to the hall. Still saw my campers :D I miss camp ): Then played. I was sleeping la. Sleep until so shuang then Runfa keep disturbing -,-

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