Monday, September 7, 2009

Woohoo, today is damn fun! Haha, met up with Xiaojun at 12pm and headed to cwp. Immediately went to pierce my ear. Yay, was scared at first, then keep hopping around the shop. Then finally settled down and told her to pierce it fast. Haha, then two holes pierced :D

Then wanted to buy tickets for 'Final Destination 4'. We're crazy right? You must have thought that we're unable to catch the show in the end, but guess what freakos? WE WATCHED FD4! Omg, guess how we did it. We tried to buy it ourselves, and of course failed, was just trying our luck. Then we walked around cwp looking for someone who looks like 18 years old, failed first attempt, failed second attempt, but who cares? We succeeded in the third attempt, we rock! Haha, so this guy is damn friendly, he didnt even say 'ok', instead he immediately walked to the escalotor to go up and buy the tickets. So auto, haha, he very kind.

Then yay, we bought the tickets. Damn exciting, haha. Then we went to buy some food, chit chat at the nursery and went to uncle tidbits to buy some snacks. Waited to go in the cinema, we were afraid that they might not let us in as we dont really look like 18 years old. So we squeezed ourselves into the long line of people and that guy at the booth just tear and let us in. We practically jumped and screamed when we were inside. haha, you will know how it feels, you will feel like you're damn smart and outwitted the stupid people selling the tickets. Haha.

So watched the show, the show was nice. There isnt really any shocking moments and any ghosts. That's more reasonable as it is more realistic for us to believe and not too far-fetched. Once i saw the beginning part of the show, i know immediately why it is only for people who are 18 yrs and above to watch. The graphics are damn disgusting, they will show the flesh and everything. But it was a good show. Haha, we were so horrified that we didnt even touch the snacks we bought for Uncle Tidbits. Lol

Then went to Sakae Sushi to eat. It was so fun, we tried many new food. We tried the soup, and it is damn nice, you must try! haha, but dont waste food la. Then we keep trying a sushi that looked like salad, and turn out, it's lobster meat! Haha, i dont know real or not la, but it says on the menu that it's lobster. Then there's this guy who looked like steven lim, lol, he was seated quite near us and keep staring at us. Xiaojun and I did many stupid things, and I must admit, today is the most exciting day ever. Most exciting is that we watched FD4! Haha, maybe we should try some other movies that is M21. Hahaha.

Then walked around and went home. Xiaojun and I wanted to try something fun, hahaha. Dont tell you'al leh! :P

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