Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kelly: I'm not harsh. I was being accused of something i did not do, so what if there're fake evidence against me? My conscience being clear is real. What would you do if you were in my shoes? You, would do the same, trust me. I'm merely protecting myself, self-defence. HEHE :D

Yingjie: Ya, you're right. I shouldnt be bothered if the spammer's not me. So I shouldnt be bothered to mend this friendship, to mend this misunderstanding, and let you keep thinking that the spammer is me? Fine, if this is what you want, you got it. Tell me if I'm wrong. Thanks :D

Qianwen: Thanks la, haha. I'm okay with anything anyway. If she thinks it's over, it's over. Haha, I must learn to solve these small problems sometime somehow. Becos there's still many waiting ahead! Lol. Thanks again. :D

Smileys for all, fair and square. Haha.

I'm so excited, tmr going out with Xiaojun. Once again, felt so guilty as the time for studying is wasted. Lol, nevermind. This week quite okay alr lo, if not because exams coming, I everyday go out le. Haha, so yup, good job Xinpei! Haha, this week going out three times only, ONLY! Haha.

Btw, went to 369 to play bball, but actually is watch people play basketball. haha, didnt play. There got so many people I dont know, not fun. Haha, Zhonghao and I keep hiding Shuiyuan's stuff. and Shuiyuan dropped his phone. Lol, Zhonghao la. Haha. Then Chaoxin came, so sorry that she only came for a while then left with me to 338 to play volleyball. But she say she ok, so ok lo. Haha, then we played volleyball till 8pm. So fun, we play like almost non-stop leh. I mean, before that we dig-set-spike will two touch then drop le, now got improve. Hehe. Then rest and chit chat, told her alot of things. She got a study timetable too, and she seemed to be studying more intensively than me ): So sad, I need to buck up! Then continued to play ball, lol. We keep watch of the time closely, we wanted to leave at exactly 8pm. Haha, then there're a few boys who wanted to play with us i think, but they asked just as we were about to leave. Too bad for them, we left. Haha. Then the stupid bubbletea shop never open, chey! Chaoxin wanna treat me one leh, walau, sao xing. Haha, nvm, ytd was great anw.

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