Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hmm, damn sian. I have cold hard evidence against me, but so what? My conscience is damn clear. I can swear to to god, swear to my parents, swear to all the ghosts in seventh month, that the psb is not me. Yea right, why the hell am I doing all these.

Well anw, I'm getting bored at home. Haha, someone entertain me pls. Ya la, the spamming problem kinda kills my time, but still bored la. That is like a damn troublesome problem leh. And i feel so guilty when i ask my friends out and they say they're studying. They studying then i still wanna go out play. AHH. Haha, but i planned a revision timetable for myself alr :D Hopefully i will be able to follow them closely. Haha. I'm gonna focus mainly on Science, Geography and Maths. More on Science and Maths because when school reopens got Science and Mathc Test. But Geography is equally important, got so many topics to study. Hmm, history? Gave up on it alr. Haha, I only know the Maria Hertogh thing and the National Service one. Hey, not bad. haha. Oh, did i say that i'm starting to love maths? I mean i alr like maths but maths rock even more now. Haha.

Nowadays keep playing facebook games, haha, lame. But quite fun leh. I wanna get into lvl 15 for Restaurant City so i can serve drinks. Then into lvl 18 so that i can grow my own veges. Woohoo, then i wanna earn many many money in Pet Society and furnish my home and grow many plants and fish for many things. Then I wanna achieve my tasks in Country Story which is to grow 200+ green pepper. Woah, haha, just joking la. I need to study!!!

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