Sunday, November 2, 2008

Went to collect my comic books today,
at comics connection.
then saw jiansheng.
chaoxin went to topup her ezlink.
then went to civic centre.
i was trying to open the wrapper of my comic books.
and many people looking at me.
lol, the stupid wrapper!
then go chaoxin house,
she lend me her ROSARIO+VAMPIRE.
quite nice la, lol.
i now reading the second book alr.

Went to my Ahgong&Ahma's birthday dinner at a restaurant.
My Ahma is older than my Ahgong by one day.
the dinner was too last minute,
and i didnt have time to buy or make something for them):
but Ahgong wouldn't mind,hopefully:D
1) Buns
2) Roasted Duck
3) Sharks' fin
4) Pork rib
5) Cereal Prawn
6) Herbal Chicken
7) Vegetables
8) Noodle
9) Cake: i) Chocolate Banana[YUMMY!]
ii) Chocolate
10) Mango Dessert

went home and stood on the weighing scale.
I gained 2kg.

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