Saturday, June 13, 2009

Went to AMKhub to catch the movie 'Drag Me To Hell'.
Hmm, I hate to admit it but it seriously was scary.
But if you wanna talk about the content, Uninvited is still better.
But if you wanna talk about the thrill, Drag Me To Hell is still a good choice :D
In the movie, it's about a lady who, in some way, offended this old woman.
and the woman set a curse on her.
the old woman like to puke! haha, it keeps puking on the lady.
Puke in her mouth somemore lo, haha.
But some parts of the show was funny la,
funny in a way that you think it was silly.
haha, the evil spirit go and possess a guy and make the guy dance until very funny.
Hmm, http://emo.huhiho.comthe movie got make me scream la.
haha, only those parts that is too sudden,
you go watch la, you surely also scream one ok!

Went to buy some tidbits before the movie, and we saw this tomato.
haha, the man inside is like gonna topple back anytime.
then i go and pull the 'hair', the leaf on the head.
lol, the tomato didnt go to the escalator side because it cant fit inside.

went to Bishan, Junction 8 after the movie.
totally pissed me out.
went there and did nothing for 2 hours!
except playing with those sample phones la.
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i was so bored that i went to play the 'Interactive Kiosk' over at the Sony Ericsson store.
anw, reached home now with an empty stomach.
and my mum never cook.
had to eat last night's leftovers.
pfft, bye for now.

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