Friday, June 12, 2009

Caught Hannah Montana The Movie today,
just got back home, showered.

Had gym training in the morning to 1pm in school,
then ate lunch and went home.
prepared and went over to chaoxin's house.
haha, fought with chaopeng again.
he everytime fight with me one lo.
Chaopeng, you better watch out.
One day i will show you my kungfu,, haha.
then finally we left the house and headed to cwp.
booked the tickets and i kept bugging for my popcorn
haha, then chaoying told the person to send it to us in the theatre.
so i went to buy my double cheese burger, i was damn hungry ok.
lol, then bought alot of tidbits, not me, is chaoxin and her sis.
haha, then finally went to the theatre.
sat down and i kept bugging for my popcorn because that stupid lady never send in.
stupid, i was like totally in no mood to watch the movie.
i keep saying, "popcorn, popcorn, popcorn."
haha, i know they got irritated.
but hello? MY POPCORN!

in the show, i kept waiting for Lucas Till to appear.
Finally he appeared, he is so handsome la!
i never fell so crazy for a guy okay!
he is too much a hunk man!
and he dated Miley Cirus when they shooted the movie.
I also loved the song hannah montana sang "Let's get crazy"
but i only love one part of the lyrics,
and that is 'Everyone can rock out like a superstar. Let's get crazy!'
haha, only love that part!
then miley also created the song The Climb,
before that was funny man
haha, something dummy one
some parts of the dance was nice.

i only feel like crying when the guy appear.
lol, and i think the appearance of Taylor Swift is like spying on Lucas Till,
haha, and i feel so insecure.
hahaha, she is so extra in the show la.
sing one song only then go.
might as well dont appear right.

but the show was great la,
i hate the story to end.
i wanna know how Miley and Lucas get on after that.
chaoxin keep saying i laughed very loudly.
haha, okok la.

went home after shopping for chaoxin's father's birthday present.

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