Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went to cwp to watch movie with rasyidah, dillon, eyan, shafiq, xiaojun and regina.
wanted to wait for raziq, but he took too long and we went to watch movie first.
lol, luckily we never wait for him, because he didnt turn up.
haha, finally watched UNINVITED after much persuasion.
It's a good show, this is the best horror movie i ever watched.
it's scary and the contents are interesting.
love you okay,
and i got to see rasyidah's scared face.
and she screamed, okay, shouted.
haha, she got shocked too.
see? it's a scary one.

Rasyidah's Gabriel face.

Haha, cheese and pepper!


Coke plus cheese and pepper.

Rasyidah's favourite pose.
after movie, hmm did boring stuffs.
i played crazy taxi on rasyidah's psp, fun! :D
Then ate at pizzahut.
regina spoiled xiaojun's shoe.
haha, then cannot wear.
then played hide and seek at kiddypalace.
haha, fun.
Regina was the catcher,
i planned for xiaojun to be the catcher.
i told everyone to put their palms faced up when deciding the catcher.
then regina go and put face down,
no choice.
xiaojun and rasyidah hid inside the changing room.
then we saw xiaojun's spoilt shoe, we know she's inside.
then regina go and lie down and peep inside.
walau, everyone looking at us lo.
then i smsed xiaojun say game over alr.
then they come out.
rasyidah keep acting like a kid.
got bored and some of them went home.
regina, xiaojun and i stayed behind and chatted.
bought bubbletea after that and went home.
xiaojun sent me home,
as usual, and we chatted somemore.
that's all.
today is rather boring la, except for the movie.
very nice, watch it!

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