Friday, May 22, 2009

Had volleyball opening ceremony,
learnt a new 'happy' drill.
and i cant figure out how to do the front roll.
lol, had set games at the end of all the drill.
teamed up with cass, jiajing, xinlerk, jenny and yuping.
i think we won, but we never count the points.
it was pouring outside and we took the long way home.

Got back all my results finally.
EL: Paper 1- 37/60
Paper 2- 47/80
MT: Paper 1- 44/70
Paper 2- 58.5/70
Total- 72/100 (excluding attitude marks)
SCI: Total- 74.5/100 (excluding attitude marks)
HIS: Section A&B- 21/40
Section C- 48/60
Total- 69/100 (excluding attitude marks)
GEO: Total-82/100 (excluding attitude marks)
I'm at pantita's house now.
finished doing the flag design,
hopefully it wins.
HAHA, actually the work should go to me.

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