Monday, May 18, 2009

There wont be any training tmr,
just in case i had to get scolded or whatever if anyone doesnt get that.
I'm sick of it you know,
sick of whatever i'm doing right now.
You dont know what i mean,
then you try doing exactly what i do.
You'd be surprised, that i survived.
I changed so much for you all, why cant you all do the same man?
Wtv, i dont care.
Maybe some people have to get their vocabs right,
get what is the meaning of seniors and juniors.
Ms Lim's gonna talk to me tmr,
I'm so gonna break down.
Nvm, i'll tell her exactly what happenned.
and ask if it was really wrong of me to get angry.
Okay? Set, deal.
I can not be angry, but I will never forget.
Call me petty, that's what I am!

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