Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's lesson was so fun.
Haha, at least it's good to know that i'm not tired :D
Maybe because it's tuesday. Lol.
Anw, today we had PE lesson.
Mr Lim separated us into 2,
one is those who took 2.4km last lesson,
the other is the games group.
I hated this,
i dreaded the thought of running and suffering again.
But it's good to know that most of us are transfered to the games group.
Yay, so we no need to practise 2.4km anymore.
But Mr Lim called my name,
then he told me to sit on the other side.
I was like "walau",
then he say "games group la."
Haha, henggg ar~
Then played the so-called "handball" which is so not nice.
Because i rather the real handball the boys played.
In this school, boys and girls are separated for games.
And boys game is always so fun.
Like so unfair lo.

Then after recess, ENGLISH!
everyone was so nervous.
My group was with Sufei, Xiaojun and Regina.
Lol, and our motion was: THBT Youths today are selfish and arrogant.
and we are the opposition team.
See, we help those youths. Haha
I'm so happy with my score,
Today was fun overall.
And i'm looking forward to the next english lesson as we have one more debate left,
their motion was: THBT branded goods are a waste of good money.
Alison, Runfa and Zena's in the group,
this is the group i most longed to see.

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