Friday, February 20, 2009

Haha, look at my brother's sexy eyes.

Yesterday was fun,
Lol, the life mastery workshop!
Danny was so funny,
but at the same time serious.
He was talking about dirty jokes,
super horny.
And Ms Shidah dont even mind one bit,
she rocks man!
Haha, hopefully be my form teacher next year as well?
Lol. She was just as playful as us.
And Danny said i look like someone familiar,
i know who is it already.
Guess who?
My sister la.
Last year she also take my sister's class.
Lol, i cant believe we look so identical?
And he told us to sit up straight and smile to the teachers coming to teach us.
We did, and there was no surprise response from them at all la.
Walau, i still remember the way Mr Oh came to our class surprised and thinking that he went to the wrong class when we were all super quiet.
HAHA, he even went out and check the class plate leh. Omg.
Anyway, had science test after it.
It was okay, but you really have to revise.

Well, today's lesson was alright.
Mr Shah didn't attend our History lesson today,
he had workshop with his class.
So Mr See took over our class,
his voice is that kind of annoying type.
Lol, no offense laaa.
Then had maths, science and english.
Was really looking forward to english,
Lol, alison's group was the last.
Their motion was THBT branded goods are a waste of good money.
Proposition: Isabel, Ryan, Gabriel, Ray
Opposition: Kaisin, Runfa, Alison, Zena.
I was super looking forward to this group,
it had runfa, alison and zena.
Alison got 14, it was nice anyway.
Sheela was the highest in our class, a 16 for her!
Haha, then we have to select the students for the interclass debates.
Lol, my name was up,
and the rest have to vote.
Ms Low chose asyura and i, and asked the class to vote for which is a better substitute.
Asyura won, haha. YAY!
I almost got it, i knew many wanna sabo me one lo.
Like rasyidah, and i wont ever forget her birthday present!

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