Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost to Anderson.
We were playing so well at first,
what the hell happened?
We threw this game away.
We threw the opportunity of getting into nationals away.
but wait, we still have 2 more games.
Praying would never help,
let just relax and play our best.
Can we?
Please, this is the last time we're playing together as a team.
After this, we're b'div.
We're not gonna be playing together anymore!
I'm utterly disappointed,
please realise the importance of the game.
I dont mind losing,
i mind the grumpy faces when you did not play well.

Never think that benchwarmers are not important,
never think that you guys will never get to play.
Dont make us world apart,
you and i are the same.
Benchwarmers and main players ARE THE SAME!

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