Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Yingjie!

Celebrated Xiaojun's birthday today.

We made this ourselves, and this is hongye's.

See how many bowls we needed for ice kachangs and watermelons.

Our steamboat!
Haha, look so gross right?
Hongye like this pose.
Xueting [if i'm not wrong] and hongye.
Had fun at Seoul Garden yesterday.
We ate for 4 hours, haha.
because it closes at 10.30pm.
Ate teriyaki chicken, many others.
and a whole lot of watermelons.
we also made our very one flout drinks,
and ice kachangs.
wasted quite a lot of food la.
It was really fun,
eventhough i dont know hongye's sis well,
but still talked a lot.

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