Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love U13.
Eventhough we lost all the matches,
right guys?
Because every match we had,
made us so much closer,
so determined to win them the next time,
training so hard during trainings,
just to make sure those mistakes we made will be gone.

Yesterday i'm super duper upset la.
Coach wouldnt let me go to the SC camp tmr.
It's a camp i've been waiting for so long.
I imagined so much fun over thr la.
Organised so many games somemore.
I'm training like siao.
And SC people are having fun!
Walau, i'm super jealous la.
Somemore i keep bugging Max to go to the camp,
and in the end i never go.
So sorry la.

Tomorrow, thr will be a friendly against Cedar Girls'.
Yay, can see Maureen :D

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