Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hey gorgeous-es,
I'm going Beijing on Tuesday!
I've been counting down from sooo long.
and finally the date is near.
Happy thing is,
we're going with our teammates!
My roommate is Shunyi,
and she better wake up when i told her to,
or i'm gonna slap her butt until the flower blossoms.
Anyway, the trip really cost us a bomb la.
Not in terms of the tickets, but the things to bring over thr.
The tickets cost about thousand plus,
but we only need to pay $380.
And we got windbreakers, personalised!
My name on the back is X.P. TAN.
Our windbreakers are dark blue in colour,
seniors are white.
Which is so much nicer la,
but i'm not jealous~
Buying those heatpads alr cost me $36.
Plus the woollen socks is alr $62.
My mother only give me $50 lo.
Went out with Pantita today and bought some stuffs.
went to AMKhub to watch WILD CHILD.
was very nice and funny la.
The poopymore.
Then i still need to finish at least my 2 compositions,
and packings tomorrow.
Or else i also dont know when sch reopen will finish or not leh.
And I still want Ms Shidah as my ft plsplsplsplspls! :D

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