Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It is the most relaxed training i ever had!
Becos when we went to take the keys from the general office,
we realised that the PE room lock cannot be opened.
We asked the softball players and office staff to help,
they couldnt open it too.
Then they put oil,
but still cannot.
Then we only got one ball,
i think it is from the staff room.
Then coach told Alison to organise us to play 'crocodile'.
It was really fun,
run catch run catch.
Then coach come and taught us the team's rotation.
Then we play set games,
very fun lo.
Then after that ms lim come and tell us that the PE room is opened.
Then play set games against Alison's team.
Won the first round, lost the second round.
Guess it's becos of coach's help..

Went to Sentosa yesterday with my volleyball friends ;D
I was in group 2,
with 7 people: 5 boys and 2 girls only.
I expected it to be more fun,
but still it was fun. [except carrying a bag was VERY inconvenient]
First destination was the Dragon Trail,
Then i dont know,
but i know that we ran from west to east of the beach twice.
Can you imagine?
From Siloso Beach all the way to Tanjong Beach!
Luckily, we took trains and trams,
and that made us faster.
We finished 8th or 9th i think.
The first was trudie's group.
Their route must be very smooth!

Today, went to the movies with Simon they all.
We went to buy tickets and popcorns first.
Then spill all over on the floor.
Very boring la,
only the movie very funny only.
Watch 'Get Smart'.
That man is so retarded!
after the movie,
we play with the unfinished popcorns.
Then our seats is the messiest lo!
Went home after that.

*This week is very busy,
Monday: Sentosa Trip
Tuesday: Training
Wednesday: Movies
Thursday: Friendly match at presby.
Friday: Farewell Party for the sec 4s.
Saturday: Training
Sunday: Going to Grandparents' house

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