Friday, June 20, 2008

Went to Coach's house today for the farewell party,
brought prawns to share.
Took bus 962 there.
The house is very nicely furnished,
even had a hall,
and the toilet is well hidden.
LOL, the toilet is hidden in a cupboard!
We played Murderer and Police first.
I became Murderer 3 times,
and got caught 3 times. -.-
2 times by my sister,
1 time by Yvonne.
Then need to hit the forehead with the middle finger. ):
Then helped ourselves to the food.
Coach suggested we play the blanket game.
It means one team will sit on one side of the blanket,
and the other team on the other side of the blanket,
which is hold on by 2 people.
Then the 2 people will count '5, 4, 3, 2, 1...'
and one person had to sit in front of the blanket.
When the blanket is being pulled down,
the 2 person facing each other had to call out their names the opposite way.
[For example: Xinpei will become Peixin -.-]
Then eat eat eat.
And play the 'why&because' game.
Half of us will write a question starting with why,
and the other half of us will write an answer starting with because.
Then coach will read it out,
the results turned out to be really funny!!!

Then plotted to trick Ms Choo and Ms Lim,
We planned to play the blanket game with them, with forfeit of the last 2 person left in the group will have to be drawn one stroke on the face using Coach's makeup.
Then planned to play 'why&because',
and write everything about them.
Then put a toy that sound like the sound of fart when being squeezed in a pillow,
and put it on a chair.
Then let Ms Choo sit,
there came a very funny and wierd sound.

When they came,
played the blanket game.
The first round tricked them into it,
Ms Lim was drawn funnier than Ms Choo.
Then the second round i kena.
LOL, then my sister and Alison draw my face leh!
luckily can erase.

we even took turns to go inside coach's bedroom to look at her cats.
Then played the pictorial dictionary game.
was really fun, althought it was for 6-12 yrs old.
After that Qianwen read a letter to cheryl and melissa,
then we sang a westlife song and 'friends forever' to them.
Then did alot of things,
but in the end still have to clean up, of course!
We also looked into Coach's wedding album as well as photo albums.

Goodbye Cheryl and Melissa.
With love, takecare (:

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