Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Outdoor training yesterday!
Got me real tanned.
Somemore got the kneeguard shape [untanned] on the knee,
so cool la.
But was really tiring during the c and b division training.
Coach was fiercer.
Very wierd lo,
during our training she not so fierce one.
Alison even scared her when she was walking round a corner.
It shocked her,
but she pretended to be not shocked.
The weather was hot,
got really tired.
Looks like my praying skill on 'grandpa sunny' didn't work :P

Today, staying at home bored me to death.
Whole day mother nag nag nag.
Scold this scold that.
Got one time i see the floor very dirty, so i sweep one area.
My mother see already hor,
ask me go sweep the whole house -.-

then my poor sister get scolded,
sorry, cant help her.
my mum even threw a plastic plate at her ear,
which broke into pieces when landed on the ground.
Bad day.

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