Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Seize The Moment

Just cos I'm having severe post-ZoukOut withdrawal symptoms right now - like I keep looking at all the photos my friends and I took during ZoukOut, and then at photos other people took of themselves during the event, and then still googling about ZoukOut outfits, basically planning what to wear for next year's festival, and constantly checking the day of the week and realising it's not a day to party yet, and also I haven't unpacked my bag I took to ZoukOut - I decided to write an entry about my amazing weekend. 

This year's ZoukOut was a lot different from last year's for the three of us - Nessie, Marz and I. We planned a lot last year and everything went just alright. It wasn't bad but it definitely wasn't as much fun as this year. This year, there's five of us girls - Nessie, Marz, Cynthia, Xintien and I! We didn't plan anything at all, we literally created a whatsapp group with all of us inside just one day before ZoukOut, and we booked our hotel on the day of ZoukOut itself. HAHA everything was really impromptu and spontaneous. I love impromptu plans, but I also know perfectly well that they can either turn out fucking awesome, or a complete disaster. 

On day 1 of ZoukOut itself, we booked 2 nights at Bay Hotel (outside Sentosa) in the afternoon for $600. We figured we really needed a hotel, but have yet to figure a way to get a cab in and out of the place since there were 5 of us but we thought we'll think of something when the time comes or so. So Nessie and I made out way to Vivocity to meet the girls for dinner at 6pm. On the way, her friend just offered to give us a room at Siloso Beach Resort for free cos they had a spare room. But we already booked Bay Hotel, so throughout the bus journey, Nessie was busy making phone calls to try to cancel our booking at Bay Hotel. In the end, she managed to cancel it with $50 cancellation fee, which was super worth it. So that was one good thing that happened at the very last minute cos with a room at Siloso Beach Resort, we don't have to cab anywhere which means we save tons of money as there were 5 of us and we had to take 2 cabs, and we also save fucking a lot of time as we don't have to queue for a cab. We can literally just walk to ZoukOut in 3 minutes from our room (Nessie timed herself). 

So we checked into our room at Siloso Beach Resort and immediately started getting ready cos it was already 8pm (which means the party already started). By 9pm or so, we started drinking with Nessie's friends who gave the room to us. We played Circle of Death, and what made us died really quickly was the rule: whenever you drink, you have to drink half the glass. But nobody got the Ace card to cancel out the rule. Oh and waterfall killed us pretty badly too. Ok maybe not us, maybe it was just me. HAHA, but I just needed a little break from the alcohol. At 11pm, we went to get our tickets from our friend and then party!!!

Initially, we only managed to get 2 VIP passes from our friend. And we were all thinking of sneaking in and if it fails then we'll all chip in to get the remaining tickets. But at the very last minute, like in the midst of drinking, our friend managed to get 5 VIP passes for all of us. That was fucking amazing and everything went super well. 

By the time we went in, we already had more than enough alcohol, but there were champagne for us at the table. I didn't drink much cos I'm not gonna make myself dead drunk before I go to the dance floor. If I want to make myself dead drunk there would be no reason for me to come to a music festival. One of us got really drunk though, and we got hungry so we thought we could walk to Macs to have some food and sober up a little on the way. At that time, it was 45 minutes before Tiesto was on. 

That didn't work though. It took us like 30 minutes to walk to Macs and upon reaching, we literally gobbled down our food in 5minutes and made our way back to ZoukOut cos we didn't wanna miss Tiesto. Not gonna go much into the details but in the end we only caught 5 minutes of Tiesto and spent the remaining time in our room. 

only 4 of us could squeeze uncomfortably on the bed so we all took turns to sleep. It wasn't a very good sleep anyway because Xintien fucking snores. Ok so basically everyone didn't have a good sleep cos everyone was snoring, but I swear I don't snore but everyone begs to differ so ok that's basically what happened. I got up at 2 or 3pm and went down to the pool to look for Nessie, and my phone died completely after because it got wet and I was the one who made it wet so I had noone else to blame sighs HAHA. I had no phone for the entire day, couldnt contact my friends, couldnt take any photos, couldnt snapchat :( But anyways, we made a few friends there at the pool and managed to get 2 crew passes from them to ZoukOut Day 2. Just what we needed, because we only managed to get 3 VIP passes for Day 2, and we were still looking around for 2 extra passes. That settled all the entry tickets, which is amazing. We went to have dinner with our new friends at around 6pm at Wavehouse, and after that I was frantically looking for uncooked rice to help salvage my phone. I managed to get fucking a lot of rice from the kitchen staff at our resort. I only asked for a bowl but they gave me an entire bag! That was really nice of them. I felt that they really empathised with my situation when i told them why I needed the rice. I was super super thankful eventhough the rice didn't help my phone one bit. 

We rested for a bit more and got ready for Day 2 of ZoukOut. Joined Gabriel, Wei Ming, Abel, Keith and the rest again for pre drinking, and for the first time ever, I finished a game of Circle of Death. Hahah, which basically means someone got the last King card and had to finish the King's cup. But everyone who got the King card was quite nice, they just poured pure Jagermeister into the cup instead of mixing disgusting stuff inside haha. It was really scary to pick a card when all three King cards were out with only one left and Cynthia got it HAHA. The girls helped her out a little but she finished most of it. She's awesome la. We stayed there for a little while and headed to ZoukOut! 

At Day 2 of ZoukOut, we stayed in the VIP tent most of the time cos we had so many friends there and it was actually pretty fun in the tent itself. There was enough space to dance, food and drinks. And the best part was when there was freaking ice cream going around?! HAHA and pizza oh my. I think we only went down to the dance floor during Andrew Rayel cos other times it was raining a little. Of course, even inside the tent we were freezing like crazy. Day 2 was amazing cos we made lots of new friends and met a lot of people. And we stayed right in front of Andrew Rayel during his entire set cos he was so fucking amazing. We were all tired but we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave cos he's THAT good oh my. I was quite glad we made it till daylight. We danced non-stop during the sun rise and ZoukOut in daylight is a completely different sight. It was really beautiful. After it all ended, we walked out to Macs to have breakfast with only $15 to feed all of us. And we all wanted milo and obviously we didnt have enough money. We were short of 20cents after much strategic mathematical calculation and planning with the cashier, and we just turned around to ask the people behind us for 20cents. HAHA we were that desperate for milo. 

It was a really fun night, many things happened but none brought down our hype and excitement and our cravings for milo HAHA. We went back to our room and I was the first to crash and fall asleep. Woke up at 1pm to check out of our room and have dinner at Din Tai Fung. We ordered so much that the waiters were all so shocked and kept repeating our orders HAHA. After a very fulfilling meal, we all went separate ways and I sent my phone to repair straight away. I'm finally back with my phone that has a brand new lcd screen LOL cos it was completely screwed from the water. Goodbye $300...sighs

ZoukOut this year was honestly fucking amazing, I had the best time ever and I think we have a lot to thank Nessie for. She really went through a lot to make sure the night went well. Hehe thank you for everything bb. I LOVE YOU!

& that's a wrap for ZoukOut2015. Till next year! 

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