Friday, March 27, 2015

Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshake. Take their love.

I was contemplating between watching One Piece or blogging and I chose blogging. Wow even I'm impressed with myself. I guess it's hard to leave this space for long after having been blogging for about 10 years (yes since primary school and I regretted deleting my old blog so much). Just have the urge to blog all of a sudden no idea why, maybe this feeling comes like my period...once a month LOL.

(Events are not written in chronological order)

God I have yet to even blog about Chinese New Year yet. It's the same routine every year, I wake up way too early in the morning, hmm except this year I actually managed to stay up so may my parents be blessed with longevity, and I try to be a vegetarian for half a day and failing miserably. I also went to visit a few of my friend's place and gambled a lot more than previous years.

In the midst of Chinese New Year, Xinlerk had her 21st birthday party which I helped out at. It was held at NSRCC and the place is really nice and so perfect for parties. It's two storeys high and the second level is just two bedrooms. We spent the first day decorating the whole place up, and the second day doing some last minute decoration before the guests arrive. The whole party was a success and I'm glad my sister enjoyed it. I literally curled more than 200 ribbons she better have enjoyed the damn party HAHA. 

I think Xinlerk and I being two individuals of entirely different personas, I would want my 21st party (if I were to hold one) to be quite different from hers. There's definitely gonna be alcohol at the party and everyone's gonna be so fucking drunk, gonna have loud music, I'll maybe even rent a disco ball for fun HAHA. Her party was pretty chill and none of the guests stayed past 10pm. She even invited all our relatives. It was a really thoughtful gesture except I wasn't aware they were really gonna come and wore a dress that revealed my tattoo and I was too busy ensuring everything was going well that day to bother covering it up or anything (not that I have any idea how to as well lol). It's nothing, my relatives doesn't have any stereotypes towards tattoos or whatsoever, just they probably changed their impression of me being a total nerd when they heard that I'm studying Life Science in NUS. 

March is the month of birthdays because literally all the important people in my life are born in March. Nessie and I had big plans for Maria's birthday and it was a super impromptu decision to book a trip out of the country for her instead of just having a staycation in Sentosa. We booked a 2D1N trip to Bintan, and settled everything within 3 days. The problem was getting her to bring her passport on the day itself. So we tricked her into saying we'll accompany her down to town to make her Visa for her Tokyo trip, and then we also had to trick her to meet us really early in the morning like 7am. So we lied that we booked a nice breakfast place at Sentosa HAHAHA. It was all so full of shit but she bought all of them!!! So so glad that she's surprised and enjoyed the trip. We had so much fun and being out of the country for just one day is so thrilling and relaxing. The air just smells different and the beach is so much more beautiful. Not to mention we got to see shooting stars and made wishes!!!

These aunties kept pestering us for photos. I swear they took like over 10 photos with us. I mean at first it's ok lah, but after awhile it's just kinda creepy cos we kept seeing them everywhere it's as though they were following us. Lol

Played Captain's Ball with a few of my friends in hall last weekend! It's literally the first legit exercise I've had in 1.5 years lol. There had to be 2 girls in the court at all times, and as you can see there are only 2 girls in our team so we couldn't rest at all. I was really dying and I can't defend the basketball girls for nuts. They used short passes and were too fast for me...I gave up halfway but thank god we still won in the end! We just played against each team and won all of them. There were only 4 teams in total including ours. We won ourselves one nalgene water bottle each!!!

Dinner at Cafe Mondo some time ago...

One of the days spent studying at YIH Starbucks. Being so far away from my homeground (Woodlands) and my favourite Starbucks (Woodlands Starbucks), I'm really glad I found another place that I enjoy coming back to time and again. I've been studying at YIH Starbucks about 3-4 times every week and I thoroughly enjoy being there. The ambience is nice and chilling and the baristas are like our friends now. 

One of the nights I spent putting on fake eyelash cos I never knew how I looked in them. Chio or nah?

One of the days spent camwhoring in between experiments in lab sessions lol

 A few days spent in town catching up with Marz then heading to Holland Village together for work. It's super awesome now cos we're working at the same area on the same days and at the same time every week. And our work place is along the same stretch so we can literally just walk over and say hi or whatever. And I think we look super cool when we split up to head over to our work places HAHAHAHA 

FINALLY TRIED SHIOK MAKI AND I CANNOT GET OVER HOW GOOD THEIR WASABI WAS!!! My sushi is not complete without a dip in wasabi and having the taste run into my nose omg I love that feeling?! HAHAHA don't get me started on how good their salmon was...just don't...I'm hungry already

Oh look someone snapped a photo of me while walking lol love how my hair looks in this photo!!!

A few photos taken on Maria's birthday at Zouk and look who I bumped into. We chatted for about 30 minutes outside lol 

Just wanna share with you guys my secret to happiness everyday...HAHAHA NICK BATEMAN FUCKING MARRY ME ALREADY YOU ARE SO PERFECT!!!

Alright it's currently 4:50AM and my brain has officially shut down for the night and I am incapable of continuing this blog entry because I need to sleep and wake up in 4 hours' time for lab later. I've been so deprived of sleep these days I literally just missed all my morning classes just yesterday. 

Ok goodnight. I'll be back soon, after my finals end on 2 May.

PS: PAN IS COMING BACK TO SINGAPORE ON 26 MAY!!!!!! *squeals in excitement* 
Is it 26 May yet? Damn

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