Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First light in the morning as the last beat stops / ZoukOut

Finally, the month I've been waiting the entire year for is here! Nessie, Marz and I have been making plans for ZoukOut for the longest time ever and it's gonna be Nessie's and my first time to the festival! I cannot express my excitement into words cos I've really been looking forward to this day for too long.

On Friday, I went to a nearby mama-shop in Woodlands to get a bottle of Smirnoff and Jose Cuervo while Nessie went to town to get some stuff and mixers. I got into a cab (which took bloody long to come cos it rained a little bit), drop by town to fetch Nessie and both of us headed to M√∂venpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa to meet Marz and Callum. We got ready, Yang and Ryan came over for awhile, Marz and Callum went to have dinner, and then we played a few rounds of drinking games. We didn't drink much cos none of us wanna die before the party begins (duh we're here for the music). 

We left our room at about 10pm or so cos we were too excited to check out how everything is like inside. We didn't get to go in straight away though. We sat outside for a long while cos we had to wait for our friends who didn't have the priority passes to queue up, and the queue is pretty crazy. When we finally went in, I was just hopping around in excitement. There were two stages, I think one is called the Moon stage while the other is called the Star stage. The Moon stage was where all the famous DJs from all over the world were spinning at, so the crowd was crazy. The Star stage was pretty empty, it's mostly the local DJs I think I'm not very sure and not very interested hahaha. If you were to check the schedule on your land yard you will see two separate line ups for the different stages, but really nobody gives a shit about what's going on at the Star stage HAHA. I just really wanted to see Nicky Romero, Above & Beyond and Steve Aoki for Day 1. The music was crazy good I had so much fun dancing and jamming to all the songs. I love how crazy the atmosphere is, and I love all the fire, the stage lights, the fireworks, the confetti! 

Before Steve Aoki started his set, the crowd was chanting "WE WANT CAKE" and I really didn't get it. A guy also came up to me and said "Steve Aoki is spinning next. You wanna go get cake with me?". I was really confused until this dude told me that each time Steve Aoki spins, he'll throw a cake down at the audience. HAHA that didn't come off as very surprising to me because he was fucking crazy on stage and his stage lights were exceptionally pretty. He was soooo good. Halfway through his set, Nessie and I got tired and went to the back to find a place to sit and rest. But we got up soon after because he started playing Turbulence!!! One does not simply stay still when that song is playing hahaha I was jumping around like a mad monkey it was so much fun.

The fun-sized couple finally reunited

Before Nicky Romero started his set, Nessie and I went back to the room (got lost on the way for fucking long) to get some money to have Macs haha. We were seriously too hungry, and then back to partying! And after Steve Aoki, we went to meet our friend and he drove us all the way to Mount Faber, just for fun cos we weren't tired yet. After a really long while of chilling outside Sentosa (basically doing nothing just driving around and almost getting into several car accidents), we went back to the hotel only to receive the news that only two guests are allowed per room. Knowing us, we could have easily sneaked in, but the room didn't have enough space to accommodate all of us anyway so we packed our bags and went to stay at a resort for the night. We used hand soap to wash our hair and body, it was pretty pathetic HAHA. 

We only got to sleep at around 8 or 9am, and we got up at 3pm to head back to Sentosa. Before that, we went to get some pizza and food. We crashed at Callum's place at Sentosa Cove to get ready and pre-drink. The lift goes straight up to his door, so he practically has a lift in the house. It's fucking cool HAHA and he has disco lights in the common toilet. Imagine when you're sad and you just want to sit some place quiet or cry in the shower, but there's the disco light and you start dancing like the 90s people HAHA fuck how does one feel sad in that toilet. I wanna have a disco light in my house next time too. 

After eating, we wanted to get ready to play drinking games. I was being so nice to get tissue to wipe the balcony table and then BAM…guess who knocked her teeth into the fucking clean balcony glass door that looked like air to me. My lips swell immediately and not to mention I got a cut from my braces which made me start cursing and swearing about how much I hate braces. Also, to add on, I just went to the dentist to tighten my braces like two days ago so my teeth was already hurting in the very first place. So I started my Day 2 of ZoukOut looking ugly as hell cos I look like I have Jay Z lips, and it's also the reason why I didn't upload many pictures for Day 2. 

Really contemplating if my lips look sexy or lip fillers gone wrong here HAHAHA

All these fireworks just for Martin Garrix!!! He looked so good even from afar. I really wanted to get a closer look but the crowd gets a lot crazier when you're near the front. On Day 1, Nessie and I tried to squeeze our way through from the front and a fight happened. We wanted to get out so badly but there was no way to continue walking or even exit the crowd it's super bad. So after that we just hung around at the back of the dance floor where it's more spacious. I also got quite pissed at some points because people just kept squeezing their way through in front of me and saying "excuse me excuse me" and I shot back "THERE'S NO SPACE TO EXCUSE YOU" honestly I was really enjoying the music and these people are ruining all my dance moves. HAHAHAHHA I'm kidding but seriously those annoying people need to die. 

I got really tired very early in Day 2 and sadly did not last till first light haha damn. I honestly thought Day 1 was a lot more fun than Day 2 maybe cos the crowd in Day 2 was a lot crazier and I was more excited about the line up for Day 1. We went back to Sentosa Cove (Callum's place) to crash for a few hours before heading back home after that. 

Overall, there were lots of hiccups during these few days and many things did not go the way I expected it to. I was really upset about a few things but that's aside from ZoukOut. ZoukOut was an amazing experience for me and I had so much fun dressing up with my girls. Also we took lots of narcissistic selfies that is not to be shared on social media cos they're so ridiculous HAHA. I hope next year's ZoukOut will be an even better experience for me!

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