Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In a city of lost souls

Drafted post after I came back from Korea

Picture credits to Weisze's instagram
It's Day 2 of the Korea trip. I remembered hating the fact we had to wake up super early, but I tolerated and washed up, then got ready for breakfast. I even showered before breakfast cos (damn) I was on my period, so I HAD to. Breakfast was very healthy too. The margarine tasted good and healthy, the milk too. For all the breakfast, we had the same yoghurt, milk, cereal, bread and stir fried eggs.

Then we get to go back to nap for an hour or so before training starts cos we can't train immediately after eating. The food won't be able to digest well. Training was tough ok. The balls were really hard. And the warm ups were tiring cos we need to sweat and really be warmed up in the cold weather. Like warm enough to remove our windbreakers and train. Though it's indoors, and there's heaters, the heater is set at 3-9 degree celcius only, so it's still very very cold. We had alot of difficulties with training cos we weren't very used to the balls they used. By the end of the training, many of us had bruises on our arms already. And due to the cold weather, some of us were falling sick.

One thing that was nice about training was the noise level. I think this is what Mr Chua is talking about. The korean players are constantly shouting during training, like every single one of them. So the momentum of the drill training is always there. Hopefully we get to bring this back to SG training.

After morning training, we had lunch back in the hostel. Kimchi again. After lunch, we snacked and slept. HAHA, this is totally a pig's routine I swear. Every single day, we

breakfast. sleep. training. lunch. snack. sleep. training. snack. dinner. snack. sleep

We snack every single day! On one of the days, a korean player caught us snacking after lunch, and we ended up getting a lot of rice for dinner. HAHAHA, they must have thought the meal wasn't fillng enough for us. But the thing about eating in Korea (not sure if it's the weather or food that causes it), is that we don't really get full even when we eat a lot. The feeling after every meal is just: not hungry. Not full. HAHAH, no idea why. And I never felt hungry either, I just wanna eat. OK MAYBE JUST ME OK, but I don't feel that way in SG.

So after every afternoon training, we get snacks from the Korean coach. Then we eat dinner, and then we snack again.

OH did I mention the toilet in the hostel? I HAVEN'T. The girls and I were very dismayed at the toilet. Because the hostel accomodates the students who studies in girls' schools, they were all very open. So the toilet is open shower. To add on to this, the toilet door is transparent. And the korean girls walk to their rooms naked after their shower. Mr Chua tried to negotiate with the school's Principal, and the most he could do was open up the gym's toilet. Ok the gym's toilet is slightly better with a translucent (not even opaque) wall in between each cubicle, but still no door. For the first few days, I showered in Ms Tan's room toilet cos I was on my period, and it was more convenient for me, and well, others as well. But on the last three days, I stopped showering in her room because there was a new roommate in her room. So I showered with Xinyi and Weisze HAHAHA. It was quite fun, and definitely memorable.

Subsequent 4 days were all the same boring shit cos we had trainings for consecutively 5 days. I remembered whining every single morning and throwing my morning tantrums. Really thankful for Queenie Xinyi and Weisze (my roommates) who tolerated my nonsense. HAHA. Every morning, I whine about having to wake up too early, my lack of sleep, and that I can't take this anymore. But still, I attended all the trainings. Too proud of myself.

On the third afternoon training, we were playing friendly games with the korean team and it was the very very first time we witnessed snow!!! It was snowing heavily and all we could do was watch indoors but really, inside us, we all wished we were enjoying the snow outdoors. After training, everyone rushed back to the hostel to shower and head over to Lalluce just 5mins drive away for International Buffet! We were greeted by very high class furnishing of the restaurant and a wide array of food that ranges from sashimi to macaroons. In total, I had 4 servings of food HAHAHA. Surprisingly, the buffet only costed S$33! Too worth it for beef steak, sashimi and those macaroons! What's more, I ate quite a number of mussels and other seafood! Halfway through eating, Crystal came over to tell us it's snowing outside, so our whole girls team ran outdoors in our indoor wear and began to scream and jump around hysterically. HAHAHAHA, we simply can't believe it's snowing! It was most of our first time experiencing snow. And yes, it's my first time too! Took many many photos till our hands began shivering, thus explains some of the blurry photos HAHA. I remembered the look on the korean team captain's face. She must have thought we were crazy. HAHAHA, apparently they hate snow cos they think it's troublesome and annoying. WHAT!


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