Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some peace for a change.


Cute guys are cute.

The Olsen twins! I used to always read their detective books!

The Notebook!

Hi people! I'm here again. LOL, I've been blogging too much lately but who cares. I bet some of you didn't know I have a tumblr. So here's the link!

Haha, all these photos are from my tumblr. It's been a really long time since I updated it. I just reblogged like a hundred photos (hehe exaggerate but still). Really love tumblr for the fashion tips, quotes, food, nice body, hairstyles etc. Oh and fuckyeah jokes. I do post some pictures of my own! I used to always post personal posts there cos I thought nobody reads them. But I realised some people ARE reading them, so I might as well open it up. The posts are still there but it's nothing much already. Ok now I feel like reading them. BTW, hahaha I don't read blogs. The only blogs are read are and my own hehe. I'm not self-obsessed, I read my own blog to check for grammar/spelling errors. I still miss some of them out...somehow. LOLZ oh btw I think some people left questions for me on tumblr, but I accidentally deleted all of them thinking they were spams. Opps.

Anyway, met Sacha at rp the other day while I was with Sheela, Maria and some of their really fun and pretty Innovian schoolmates. Sacha reminded me to count how long chaoyi and I have been together. Yep so this is it. Today marks the day we've been together for 16 months! Haha, ok doesn't sound very long. Fine, we've been together for 1 year and 4 months! LONG? Pfft lolllll. Anyway I really love Sheela and Maria's schoolmates! They make me regret going AJ instead of IJ :( They were all really welcoming, and I really meant ALL! They said hi to me, and hugged me before we parted. That is VERY welcoming since we only met for the first time. I really like them and how they make me feel like I'm part of them. It's really nice to know you met the right people in life. Good for Sheela and Marz!

Last time we went swimming, the sea stood up and hugged you as though you were responsible for keeping it blue.


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