Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight.

I changed my facebook timeline cover photo to this. I mean, just look, look at the way Rose looked at the love of her life. Doesn't it warm your heart? It warmed mine. LOL at the irony cos they're both covered in ice. Ok HAHAHA.

TEAM AJC with Hwachong's flag at the back. HAHAH
Jacelyn, Vivian, Tessa, Xinyu, Weisze, Me
Huicheng and Crystal
YAY the 5 of us. HAHA, note where Vivian placed her right hand...awkward LOL
Tie day!
Look whose at the back (above weisze's head LOL)
And he came closer!
I swear we didn't ask him to take photos, he just walked towards us by himself! HAHAH, it was after that then we asked him to take individual photos together. 
MAX AND I, he's smiling with his mouth closed.
A special request for him to smile with his mouth open! HAHAH, I clearly prefer guys who smile with their teeth shown. It looked so much more genuine and they look so much happier too. Btw, I bent my legs a little cos it'll be so embarrassing if I'm taller than Max. We've been arguing about this height issue for quite some time already. I think he gave up. LOL
Kianjun and I, with super mini eyes. LOL, his eyes really cmi.
Trevis and I. This photo was taken on the last day of their semi finals match at CCAB. (And I have yet to find out the full name of CCAB.)
Weisze: eh, good lighting. Must take photo!

Sooo, I went to watch the volleyball finals at Toa Payoh Sports Hall on Wednesday. The atmosphere was crazy. I wanna play in this kind of atmosphere too, with hundreds of people lookings at me. Especially after watching the champion team screaming with joy upon victory. So jealous. I really wanna play volleyball right now. I wanna improve, wanna get to play at Toa Payoh Sports Hall, wanna appear more often on redsports, wanna graduate with no regrets! After resting for about 3 weeks, I really really hope my right arm have recovered because I feel absolutely no pain anymore. But of course, it could be because I haven't had training for very long. So my sister living under the same roof as me have won the championship for 2 consecutive years and I haven't even gotten a medal yet. How can?!

There was the boys finals after the girls' and they played 5 sets. I wanna say NY was too complacent, then I wonder how many people I would offend with this remark. They COULD HAVE won, but they didn't. They have alot more better players, especially with the super duper good libero that I admire alot! HC also have good players like Dao Liang who can guarantee a kill with one spike attempt. Afterall, I think HC deserved the championship. They really displayed determination and team spirit!

Can't remember what happened on thursday, it must be too boring. But I remembered staying up late till 12am for the my birthday. LOL, I swear I planned to study for my econs test but all those fb and twitter notifications were all too distracting. HAHA, but I did study and hopefully I can do well for econs test cos I sorrrrrt of finished it with skimpy evaluation and YED elaboration. LOLZ. First present I received that day was from Vivian! HAHA, aww and a hug. I received my very first scrapbook from her! One more thing to add to my precious treasure chest filled with lots of precious stuffs from precious people. Even the treasure chest itself is damn precious and holds alot of memories! It was a birthday presents from Tessa way back in pri sch. I think it costed about $20 and to me it was SO EX because, aiya you know how $2 seemed like $10 to us back then right. LOL, so $20 is like 10 times. LOL. The moment I opened the scrapbook, I was greeted by my super model sexy pose! HAHAH

Eh I think quite chio leh. LOL. I guess nothing much really happened on my birthday, except my classmates sang birthday song for my in the auditorium in front of all the other classes in the auditorium, and they even made a card for me. Then after school Vivian and I rushed home in the rain. Ok this part was kinda memorable cos we walked from the school to the mrt station with our skirt on our head, cos according to Prof Vivian, the head is the most important. If head kena water will fall sick. LOOOOL. Rushed to take the train and scheduled the time that we should reach home, by what time should we finish showering, dedicated 30 minutes to choose our clothes and dry our hair, and 15 minutes to prepare to leave house. HAHAH Yeah, now you can say the word "GIRLS" and roll your eyes. But well, BOYS. HAHAHA. So turned out we're ahead of schedule, I didn't leave house early though, but Vivian did. And she ended up waiting for me and Tessa at Sembawang bus stop. I came, errr kinda on time? LOL, HAHAHA. So we headed to Kian Seng Kopitiam for our team dinner (Mr Chua's treat) in Tessa's Uncle's Cab. We were so busy, well actually it's just Vivian and Tessa, in the cab calling almost everyone in the team to ask for directions. They don't even know the block where the coffeeshop is at. So finally, a phonecall to Trevis saved us, but it wasn't Trevis on the phone, apparently. So thank you to whoever who saved us HAHA. So we were the first to arrive at the coffeeshop, HOW CAN THE BOYS MAKE US WAIT! LOL. 

The food was really good. I ate like a glutton, I think I ate 3 pieces of Black Pepper Crab, didn't get to try the Chilli one! Thank god I didn't have any black disgusting stuff stuck on my teeth. The team sang me a birthday song when I returned from the toilet. Then they made me drink a mug of beer mixed with 7up. I was supposed to challenge Weisze who didn't mix any 7up in her beer. Obviously I lose lah, lose until damn jialat also. Cos in the end my face more red than hers. I know I can't drink. I needed to pee so badly after that. I peed once in the coffeeshop toilet but it was too disgusting for me to pee the second time. So I held it in until I reached AMK. AHHHHH that moment of relieve... LOL. 

Went to meet Chaoyi! HAHA, he drew another portrait of me that I love alot. I now have two portraits of myself drawn by him. hehehe, I love it so much. Afterwards we just sat down and chatted, one of the best ways to spend my time with him. Then he rested his head on my lap and I asked him questions of myself, like "Which of my eye is smaller?", "Which of my dimple is deeper?", "How many piercings do I have on my left and right ear?", "Which side of my nose do I have a mole?" and "What is my fringe parting?" It really surprised me that he managed to answer all of them effortlessly! He didn't even think. I mean, isn't it surprising that guys actually spend time to look at your every single detail? I thought I was the one who always stare at his face when I'm bored, but who knows he does the same too. HAHA, I was really really happy. I did mention I'm really easy to please right? 

And then there's really good news, to me only lah. Cos Chaoyi's gonna lend me his itouch! WOOHOOO, finally I can upload the pretty pictures I took using his itouch. REALLY, I think the front camera does wonders. I don't mean the editting, but the fact that we can kinda look the same as how we always look in the mirror. You know how sometimes you look into the mirror and you're like "omg I look good today, I'll camwhore." then you whipped out your camera, take a few pictures and decided you looked like shit so you gave up. LOL, the front camera really solved all these problems. 

Went to meet Minghwee, Albert and Kianshen after that. Was really really touched that they came to find me, it may be just a trip to wish me Happy Birthday, but I was really touched. I always have a million things to say to them. But time doesn't allow. Before I knew it, my birthday was over. I rushed home after meeting them, one was cos my phone was dying, second was cos Mom insisted I had to eat my birthday cake. 

Plans made previously with Vivian, Tessa, Weisze and Xinyi failed, sorry I'm afraid it was my fault. I didn't get to call them back to ask them to wait for me D: When I finally contacted Tessa, they were all heading home already.


So my Friday turned out to be a really busy day, rushing here and there. HAHA, but Saturday morning sucks so bad cos I had to wake up early in the morning to do my GPP -.- And I was so pissed because my group mates initially told me we'll be doing it in the hostel, so I dressed in tshirt, shorts and slippers. Then they told me that they decided to do it in school LAST MINUTE when I already reached the hostel. So I walked all the way from the hostel to the school to try to make my way in, but failed. Then we walked all the way from the school to the hostel AGAIN, under the fucking hot sun. But nevermind, I like my group mates and I'm pretty satisfied with them. We managed to finish our GPP in just 3 hours, I swear we're amazing. HAHA, so I headed to Tessa's house after that to do homework. Such coincidence to meet Xinyi in the train. The first few hours was KINDA productive, LOL. Note KINDA. But each time Weisze come, and Xinyi go, it's break time for all of us. We all had so much fun playing our version of taboo. We stick post-its on each other's head and we're not supposed to say the word. Obviously, we don't know the taboo word on our head. So I lost the first round by saying a word that I forgot what it is. And Vivian lost the second round by saying the word "forfeit", damn epic moment. LOL, and Weisze lost the third round by saying "Vivian" HAHAHA Vivian's crazy idea to put her name as the taboo word but it worked! HAHAH too funny. Tessa lost the forth round by saying "chemistry" HAHAH. 

Then we had a final deciding round between me and Tessa after Vivian lost the last round by saying "mouth" HAHA. Tessa and I were given 5 taboo words, and Tessa lost cos she said "Damn Gay" HAHAHAHA, super funny cos I wasn't the one who made her say it. And we both had the same word "maid", and when Tessa's maid came into the house, I was like "whose that?" Then she went like "you don't know meh?" HAHAH, ok all these doesn't sound funny like this, but it was really funny then. 

HAHAH omg I found the video. I finally realised how annoying my laughter sound D: But I can't help it. There's another video where Vivian scared Tessa! HAHAH wait lemme find.

HAHAHA here it is! OK this post is getting too long. 

Come on. That's right. Cheerio.

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