Saturday, April 14, 2012

One million years I will say your name.

I know I haven't been blogging for about half a month, and I actually didn't plan to blog today cos I have so much work to catch up on after missing two days of lessons due to a'div competition. AND YES! A'div started!!! Ok, I shall not digress. LOL, I'm best at doing that but I shall talk about it at later part of this post. So.. I was talking about not planning to blog today. AND GUESS WHY I DECIDED TO BLOG TODAY? HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA *drumrolls* COS I CHANGED MY BLOG TEMPLATE AND IT LOOKS SO COOL! So I thought "oh man! I gotta blog with this amazing blog template." HAHAHAH, ok joke. But yeah, I think this new blog template will really motivate me to blog more often cos I wanna fill my blog with pretty posts to match my pretty blog template. OK I sound too annoying cos I think I'm yakking too much about my pretty blog template. But still...

I got a pretty blog template. kekeke

I've got too many photos taken in JC, so I gotta upload them before I can upload photos of myself. LOL, which is kinda good actually. I don't need to spend time taking multiple shots of myself and then choosing which one to post cos all of them look equally awesome. HAHAHAHA k lah, worldpraaak seh. OMG I miss Rasyidah Zena and Farhan. D:

So I shall start off with some photos of myself and my classmates!
 HAHAHA Kelvin is too tall.
 Now Kelvin is too short.
This is just about half of my class. Photos taken are on Wan Fen's Birthday!

Festival Of Life
So all students get to choose which course they wanna be in so we can learn different skills while having fun at the same time. I didn't know how to sign up but if I knew how to I would sign up for Graffiti. So those people who failed to sign up within the deadline will be auto assigned to different courses and guess what? I got Graffiti! Lucky me. HAHAH.
 Fell asleep during the Graffiti talk cos it was erm, boring? I don't really think boring is the word. All the history about Graffiti, pictures and everything are really interesting but I guess ..OK I DON'T KNOW LAH. I don't even remember falling asleep during the class while everyone are busy doodling already.

And I have a really bad habit of opening my mouth while falling asleep in class. AHHHHH NOOO. I still remember how I fell asleep during Social Studies lesson in class and I really looked like 

And Zena told Mdm Chan I was sleeping, so the moment I opened my eyes, the whole class was staring at me. Damn embarrassing but thank god I was close to my class so I just laughed it off. And don't get me wrong! SS is not boring at all! I love SS HAHHA.

So we were taught to write in these fonts for Graffiti class. You know the coolest part about this course? WE GET TO PAINT OUR SCHOOL!!!! I mean like really spray paint graffiti kind of paint! OMG OMGOMGOMG COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL AJC IS COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL.

 So I started the painting of the Grandstand in our school first. It looked nice at first, but horrible at the end. You'll see what I mean by this later.
HAHAHA you must be wondering what I'm drawing right! I swear it looked better on my draft!
AHH yeah I drew that stupid face and it looked horrible.
 So this are my group of people painting the Grandstand!
Jasper, Clarissa, Me, Pranilla, Eunice and Wanfen
And this is the end product of our side of the Grandstand that we painted! COOOOOOL RIGHT COS GOT MY NAME!

We posed several pictures with the Grandstand!

Our failed trip to Sentosa
Wei Sze, Tessa, Vivian and I
 So to compensate for the failed trip to Sentosa cos of the bad weather and for all the things we brought along to training, we showered at Weisze's house and played twister! HAHAHA lots of funny and awkward poses!
 We ended up sweating like maaad so we went back to weisze's room and watched Human Centipede 2 and Piranha! Human Centipede 2 was more gruesome than ever, but thank god it's in black and white. Looking forward to watching Human Centipede 3 with the girls again! I wouldn't quite recommend the movie to people with a weak heart though. HAHAHAH, ok lah I think. But it's really disgusting and erm, yeah disgusting. I won't talk about the movie's outline cos I think I'll end up spoiling the surprise for many for you. HAHAHA, which is something I'm very good at. But I shan't.
 Camwhoring on the twister mat!


Omg I need to blog about this day! It was AJC's Family Day and my class is planning on a soccer game. Lame, and it's raining that day. So eww at the muddy field. Vivian and I already planned long ago to skip Family Day, but the problem was "how?". Weisze got away by simply walking out of the main gate cos the security guard was distracted! Vivian and I tried to do the same, twice! But failed. So we met up with Tessa and Xinyi to brainstorm on how to sneak out. We thought of many ways, like disguising ourselves by putting on jackets, climbing the school fence, calling a cab in, etc etc. But in the end, we managed to get out of school before Family Day ended! And guess how we did it?! -.- By simply walking out of the main gate. FUCK OUR LIVES for spending so much time thinking! HAHAH. We managed to explore the Haunted House planned by one of the classes for Family Day. Awesome and creative idea, and we went in trying to scare the ghosts instead. HAHAHA. So we went to catch The Vow after meeting weisze at AMKhub. The Vow was too good, I cried so much! 

Together with the JC ones volleyball girls. We went for dinner at Pepper Lunch!
 Getting ready for our first match against TP!
 Me, Xinyi, Tessa, Weisze and Vivian!
 Xinyi and I
 Vivian, Weisze and Tessa
 Me and Weisze
 Modelling with the wind blowing in our faces. HAHAHA SO SEXY
(photo credits to Weisze)

So I went to catch Dark Flight with the girls again yesterday after training. Training was super hardcore, I felt breathless throughout. Had Ajisen Ramen, and I bought Tomyam Ramen with dumplings as side dish for only $10!!! Thanks to Joey's Ajisen coupon! HAHA, they won't include the drinks, and wanna charge me 3 bucks for a stupid glass of lemon tea. Me, being so cheapskate as ever, went to value dollar and bought Sparking Apple for 70cents instead! Yay me! HAHAHA

So Dark Flight was supposed to be a horror movie. I actually thought it would be scary and good, cos it's a Thai movie and all Thai movies are awesome! So turned out Dark Flight was more of a comedy than horror movie. I felt stupid for covering my face with my shoebag, then remove my shoebag to give the -.- face. Seriously. Laughed so hard at the part when the monk said "I'm a scientist that turned into a monk" OWNAGE. The movie is strongly NOT recommended unless you have too much money. But still, if you have too much money, I'd rather you give it to me :D

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