Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goshgosh, school is starting tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! YES, I'm looking forward to it. BECAUSE I just finished my homework! YAYYYYY, a huge load of my mind :D I havent bought all of my Sec 3 books yet, I dont even have any science books with me la. Wth right, LOL.

Yay, I can know my form teacher tomorrow. And I get to see my new classmates, I get to use new books! HEHE, and the guys are gonna wear long pants already. HAHA, can cover Raziq's sexy leg! I swear his leg is nicer than a girl's, I wonder if he ever waxed his leg hair la. KK, haha, no offense Raziq. :P Sad la, I cannot see leg hair anymore. LOLOLOLOL, I sound like a sicko, but I like to pluck their leg hair in case they annoy me. HAHA, tips for the girls if guys ignore you: PLUCK THEIR CURLY LEG HAIR! K, wonder if any guys go rebond their leg hair to make them straight. LOL.

Oh ya, we three sisters: Xinlerk, Xintien and I, can go to school together! YAY, okay, dont be too worried la. My younger sister dont look so much like me and Xinlerk. She look more like my brother, and my brother wont be coming to this school, hopefully. I want him to go to the better school, hehe. So hopefully no more confusions next year, no more Xinlerk's friends calling me Xinlerk or my friends calling Xinlerk Xinpei. HAHA, that happened ALOTTTTT of times last year. Some even had to say "Xin...." when they see me, and I had to say "Pei" for them. Or even "Xinlerk..." and I say "sister". LOL, funny, it's only in secondary school that people start saying Xinlerk and I look alike. Maybe because we're in different sessions in primary school. And in secondary school, she cut the short hair with me, and we tied our long hairs on around the same date as well. Even when we go out, people thought we're twinies! Oh nono, sometimes I get soooo tired of answering the same irritating question that I just say "yes, we're twins, can't you seee?", LOL. This is definitely what you'll do when you're me okay. Just imagine people asking, "What's your name? (x20 or more :D)" Bet your answer wont all be the same :P

Haha, I think soon I will get sick of seeing my sisters everyday la. In school see, CCA also see, at home see somemore. LOL, that is terribleeeeee. Cos I scared they see me doing something wrong, lol. K no, I'm always good, so I would never do something wrong. Teehehehe :D

I hope I wont be caught for attire on the first day of school, I gonna wear my culottes super long, socks super long and tuck in all my shirt like a nerd and comb my hair neatly. LOL, oh ya, no earsticks. I've been monitered by Ms Shidah for A WHOLE YEAR, hopefully her monitoring pays off. Cos I already had the habit of removing my earsticks just before assembly, and putting them on again when I'm super bored in class.

And yay, I get more pocket money! $$$ Kachingggg! HAHA, actually it's not alot more, but it's still more! LOL, better than nothing, I'm broke already. And I just did my newspaper clipping and I saw this article on how much parents spend on their p1 kids. You know there's this girl, PRIMARY ONE, who has a $50 school bag, and $5 pocket money each day. That's around my pocket money la, $100 a month! WTHHHH, I'm so angry. How can a P1 kid have the same amount of pocket money as meee! And I'm sec 2 for goodness sake! NEVERMIND, I'm sec 3 next year and I'm gonna have more pocket money already, bleh! :P I hope she grow fat fat from eating all those 50cents food in school la. She can eat 50 fishballs everyday, LOL.

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