Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CLASS OUTING yesterday!
Check out those nice photos!
TOO UNIQUE was here, by me :D
Alison, Me, Asyura and Zena :D
In the tent...
Haha, JunAn's and my sandcastle!
Mine is so much nicer :D
Kelvin's artificial body. Lol.
Sir Standford Rasyidah,
and her meesiam. Haha.
In the sea...
At the bus stop, waiting for bus 966 for so long!
Burying Asyura's shoe.
Meet Alison under my block, and took bus (one stop only) to cwp.
Then Yuxuan called, saying everyone reached -,-
which is so not true.
Haha, then went to buy utensils,
it's always us who buy these things.
Lol, then waited for rasyidah and zena.
headed to east coast park.
It was very fun in the bus,
eventhough Shihui keep asking if we reached,
every 1minute.
in the bus,
Farhan, advertising oreo. Lol.

Zena and Farhan, lovely couple.
Reached our destination, and started pitching the tent,
because it is starting to drizzle.
soon, some of us were taking shelter in the tent,
it's nice and cpzy inside,
and we ate meesiam and hotdogs :D
Farhan acted like our excursion instructor,
then got changed and played in the water,
i built sandcastle :D
Was very fun la.
The photos can do the talking,
bye now!

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