Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A drop of perfect in an imperfect world

Last Tuesday, Xintien, Jiajie, Jon and I went on a double date to Adventure Cove before Jon flew off to Taipei the very next day. It was my first time there and surprisingly very enjoyable despite the rain and how people claim the rides to be absolutely boring. Thank god the crowd wasn't crazy and the queue were not that long so we didn't queue much and managed to try out all the rides, well except for the Tsunami that took FOREVER to come, and also it only came when we left and were queueing for other rides so we were there watching like 

But on a side (and serious) note, we wouldn't really want a real tsunami to come. Lol, please do not eliminate the possibility of a tsunami actually hitting Singapore and drowning all of us in just one pathetic wave because look man Vietnam and Egypt are fucking snowing. I actually wouldn't want Singapore to start snowing as well, I mean it will be cool for one day (literally) but my skin will start cracking and I'll look like I have crocodile skin at the end of the week (not exaggerating). My skin is already really dry during normal days and the last time I went to Korea and it was snowing, my skin cracked into wounds like it burns when I put lotion/moisturizer on it and nothing fucking works. And it was the worse timing to find out that NIVEA actually irritates my skin and made the cracks itch so bad. 

We took the bus there and the journey was really long but at least we got a comfortable seat at the back. Xintien and I had a pretty good nap on our boyfriend's shoulders while they suffered severe neck cramps at the end of the ride. Lol, what are boyfriends for? HAHA kidding but anyway Jon has really skinny shoulders so he had to put a towel below my head as my pillow.

What a bad timing to have a pimple growing on my left cheek, so please ignore it in subsequent photos.

I wouldn't be able to find another guy willing to skip with me like a retard in public

The lightning alert came on after awhile so we went to see the dolphins and stingrays. Pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see the baby sharks though! The pool where the stingrays were kept tricked us into thinking the baby sharks were in there too cos the stingrays like to flip their pectoral fins (I googled) up so we mistook them as shark fins! Sharks eat stingrays btw, so I should have figured it was pretty impossible for them to be kept together but one does not simply stop hoping to see baby sharks. We watched the dolphins from afar as they jump out of the water pretty frequently. 

So I just googled why dolphins jump out of the water and they listed a few reasons that scientists think might be possible. Some of them includes that traveling through air consumes less energy than in water (but I thought it wasn't logical since dolphins captured don't actually have to travel), or that they can get better view of distant objects mainly food (but also unlikely since dolphins there don't catch their food and I presume are generally well-fed). Other reasons that are more possible would be communication, fun and getting rid of parasites on their body.

By the way, I never actually liked dolphins after knowing the fact that they play with their food and torture them (till they die sometimes) before consuming them. For people who don't know, dolphins and seals are enemies, but most of the time dolphins attack the seals and they throw the seals around (like how they throw balls in dolphins shows) to torture them. But then again, dolphins are really quite cute, considering the fact that I actually kissed one before when I was really young, and that the sight of dolphins are a good omen to the sailors. Dolphins and human generally interact well, and the last time (or only time) I heard of a dolphin actually attacking a human, resulting in only mild injuries, was when this stupid person tried to poke an ice cream stick into the dolphin's blowhole so serve him/her right. 

Omg I'm getting all scienc-ey here I hope you don't mind that I continue cos this is so interesting (lol actually I don't care it's my blog)

I have heard or read before somewhere that sharks can actually sense your fear. I just googled it up and realize that there are two ways they can sense it, though I'm really not sure if it's accurate but it's interesting. The first way is that they can smell it. When we're afraid, our body emits certain chemicals that can be detected by the sense of smell of the sharks. The second way is that they can feel your heart beat increase, which normally means fear. They detect it with the tiny pores at the bottom of their nose tip or something I'm not sure, or maybe that's why people think they can actually smell it. But shark don't normally attack humans so oh well it doesn't matter anyway. They'll just circle around you, close enough to realize you're not worth eating or something and just swim away and do their own business.

And I've also been really curious to know if menstrual blood can attract sharks. Though people say menstrual blood are not like normal human blood, which is true, but there's still like a little bit of human blood in it so I believe it can attract sharks. Then again, there has been no scientific/experimental proof of this and 90% of shark attacks are associated to males. So I guess it's better to be safe than sorry I mean "I'm on my period" is a pretty good excuse for everything lol. And if your friend whose having her period decides to go down to the waters and ends up getting attacked by sharks, you can just sit back and enjoy the live show of JAWS before your eyes. Lol kidding, anyway sharks don't normally attack humans unless provoked in any way. 

Also, whales can bubble feed! As literal as it sounds, it actually means that they use bubbles to capture the fishes they feed on. They release a bubble that will rise to the surface of the water and on its way captures fishes in the bubble and the whales eat them up altogether. 

Ok end of story-telling.

My sister is heavier than me by 1kg and I am taller than her (chh obviously)
Just felt an extreme need to clarify that lol

Mainstream photos below, beware (lol)

You know he's the one when both your lips fit perfectly together when you kiss like this

Oh and I forgot to mention how overpriced the lockers at Adventure Cove are! Thankfully we reached there pretty late in the afternoon (about 2pm), and a family was leaving the place so they gave their locker to us with all the security shit. How kind! And we managed to squeeze 4 bags into the smallest locker they have there and having difficulties trying to get it to open afterwards hahaha.

We also tried the obstacle course which was in the same area where I jumped into the water and the water was 4m deep. I failed the one line crossing challenge and the rope climbing to ring the bell thing. Ugh feeling like utter failure here cos we watched a girl climbed up there effortlessly lol. And considering the fact that both Xintien and I are sports players, sigh. 

We had Din Tai Fung for dinner after that and ooooooohhhhhh how much I missed the food there and the xiao long baos. Then we had Gelato for dessert at Candy Empire!

Overall it was a really enjoyable day and I was glad to be able to spend a day like that before Jon left me for 4 days in Taipei. And wow don't mistake me as an overly attached girlfriend (I may be but but...) it's just that Jon and I had been spending almost everyday together and 4 days apart is a really long time ok. Yeah I'm gonna die when he gets into NS I know. I spent these 4 days preparing for his birthday that's coming up on the 20th of dec and catching up with old friends.

I'll let the pictures do the talking cos I think I'm talking a bit too much in this post, or maybe I'm just fucking lazy and tired after all the science facts taking up my brain juices and excitement.

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