Monday, December 7, 2009

Met Xiaojun today and went to cwp together. Had our lunch at foodcourt, then gelare icecream. Sad la, no greentea flavour. They should change all their flavours to greentea because it's the nicest. Or maybe they can give us coupon that if we eat the same flavour for ten times, we get one scoop free or something. HEHE. Anw, we tried Cookies and Cream and Vanilla Bean. Not bad la, but greentea still rocks. Then I bought a BEN10 cap for my brother and he loved it. I think he's been in front of the mirror for one hour already. HAHA, bet he love me now la.

Headed to bugis after that, Xiaojun bought alot of stuffs. I think she almost used up all her money. Went to Bedok as Xiaojun wanna do some stuffs and we took bus 168 back to woodlands. It was a damn long ride la, and being MISS KIND XINPEI as usual, I lent Xiaojun my jacket (which she have not returned me yet, cos it's so nice and got my smell) and suffered the coldness myself -,- STUPID, she gotta pay me back.

Lol, anw bought somemore stuffs and slacked at the nursery. Photos in the next post!

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