Wednesday, February 1, 2012

People tell secrets because they can trust.

 Sheela and I with our shades on. HAHA we look so cool! Super love this photo!
 HAHAHA three of them with the cocky face, I dont know why they did that!
LOL typical Sheela and I's poses. 
Group photo without Farhan and Raziq cos we're that racist. HAHA joking, Raziq was late and Farhan was taking the photo. Sheela indian *inserts indian accent* btw. 
Look at everybody's double chin! HAHAHA 
Rasyidah's seductive face. 
 Aisehhh Farhan.
HAHAH Zena and I screaming 'hiiii' to passersby! 
Laughing at Zena cos she was talking to an auntie beside her. LOL, she gonna get off the tram and she went like "auntie, I will miss you." 
Piggyback! <3 
Not sure what's with the three guys. They're trying to make a Great Wall or something. Cheyy think it will become the next wonder of the world only. LOL 
BOOOMMMMMZZ, guess whose? LOL 
Raziq's sexy pose. 
MAXIE! Photographer for the day! 
We dont know this couple but this is such a romantic shot!
Our picnic area. HAHA, good thing about hanging out with the cliques. We save alot of money on food cos we bring food from home. Well, not exactly we but I paid for the drinks! HAHA. 
Chaoyi the merman! 
Checking out his own boobies. LOL 
Raziq did the tail! He's really good! 
 Raziq making a sea turtle in progress...
An angmoh did this. HAHAH, don't freak out. But I'm sure Raziq can do that too. 
Had starbucks after that. 
Me and my caramel frappecino! HEHEHE 
 A good hi5 for great teamwork in pushing Farhan into the sea! HAHAH

I'll just let the photos do all the talking alright! Blog another time soon! :D

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