Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've loved you for a thousand years.

I'm back from Thailand guys! This is gonna be a super long post, and wordy too. All the photos taken are inside Pan's DSLR, I'll pick a few to upload them when she uploads it on facebook. Not alot of photos taken, eventho we (or rather, me!) made an effort to bring the camera along. HAHA, I think mostly cos our hands already full of plastic bags to carry. LOL.

1 January 2012
I came back after midnight from my overnight countdown to welcome the new year. I would have returned home only when the sun rises or in the afternoon, but I've got a flight to catch. I was kinda worried cos I will be taking the plane alone, and it's gonna be my first time. But my mom was more worried than me. HAHAHA, and well, everyone will have their first times, it's just a matter of time. My parents made sure I ate before getting onto the plane, eventho there's gonna be food on the plane. HAHAHA, I think they're worried I might starve or something. But I understand why they do so. So my parents ordered burger king for me (second time eating it, and I definitely dont fancy their burgers.) They left me alone while I was halfway thru eating my burger cos they had to fetch my cousin who've arrived at changi airport. Argh, so yeah, that's my very very very first time eating alone in a public place. It was a common sight to see people eating alone at airports, but still, I hate eating alone. Aiya, I just hate being alone. I feel so lonely, and so different. I dont know, I can't really be myself when I'm alone cos I got noone to express myself to. You know? HAHAH. Yeah so everything went pretty smooth in fact. I checked in early to shop around for awhile and bought jelly beans for Pantita (turned out she didnt like jelly beans. LOL, ok one point noted.) HAHAHA. I board the plane and sat next to a caucasian. I took the window seat. It was quite troublesome. Or rather I feel that I cause alot of trouble for the caucasian when I wanna get out of my seat to the toilet. But nevermind that, HAHAH. And actually travelling alone is really nothing. I feel kinda stupid for being so scared and worried in the first place. LOL, like how Pan described it, it's really nothing. You just follow the people. HAHAHA. The thing about travelling alone is, when you're unsure, you HAVE to ask. Cos there's noone you can count on but yourself. The flight was about 2 hours long. The plane touched down at Bangkok and I followed Pan's instructions and found her. LOL, she was worried that I wont be able to find her cos I wont be able to contact her in case of emergency or something. I think I will borrow a phone and call her maybe? HAHAH.

Anyway, I read Mind Your Body on the plane to kill time. Another more high-class word for fart is 'flatulence'. HAHA, yay so people who read my blog learnt something new and interesting! HAHAH.

2 January 2012
Woke up early in the morning to eat breakfast. Pan told me her father dont like lazy people, so we can't sleep in till late afternoon and stuffs. But breakfast was awesome. Their breakfast is like lunch for me. And there's even dessert for EVERY MEAL. It's crazy food paradise. HAHAH. They dont drink milk or eat bread for breakfast, not really used to it. I still prefer eating bread and drinking milk though. I love milk. HAHAH. Went Platinum to shop. The journey there was so long! Turned out all car rides are pretty long due to the traffic. And I swearrrrr thailand cars got some sleeping potion or something. I always sleep in the car!!! HAHAH. Alright, I'll tell you all the things I bought. I'll try to recall the prices.
  • 4 bottoms:
1 polka dot high waist - 270baht. (I wanted to buy the black basic kind but almost all the outlets dont have my size. Pan made me try the S size. Well I can fit in, but I seriously have difficulty breathing eventhough it looked pretty good on me. I didnt intend to buy anything from the shop but my shirt got caught on the zipper of the black highwaist. They tried to get my shirt out, but to no avail. Trust me, they really tried. HAHA, so they decided to cut their own shorts instead. I felt so bad! So I thought I HAD to buy something from their shop. Thats why I bought that polka dot highwaist. Well, I love it as well. HAHAHA.)
1 grey highwaist that I couldnt fit in for 100baht. (freaking $4) I couldnt try, but I still bought it cos it's freaking cheap, and well I THOUGHT I was skinny... D: HAHAHA, nevermind lah.
1 lace skirt - 140 baht (about $6). I bought a turquoise Ng Xue Min lookalike shirt to bargain. HAHA but the shirt was not bad also. I spent 280 baht buying the shirt and the skirt together. It was initially 300baht ok! I saved 80cents, well... LOL it's still money, right?
1 blue pants. I didnt intend to buy it, but it was selling at 200baht! ($8!) 8 bucks for long pants (so many cloth) is freaking good deal. The thing is, they wont let me try it. But I still bought it in the end, and I'm loving it! It fits me perfectly. In case you're wondering, I wore that pants to collect my olevel results in school. HAHA.
  • Black stockings, cos I wanna be sexayye. LOL jking.
  • Skin colour tights (to go with the lace skirt cos the skirt got small holes. HAHA.)
  • 1 long dark blue dress (kinda suck)
  • 2 sleeveless animal prints shirt, 300 baht in total, $12. (1 grey and 1 brown.) Pan and I totally went crazy at the shop cos the animal prints are too cute!!!
  • 1 sleeveless turquoise top (the one I talked about earlier with the lace skirt)
  • 1 white top, 180 baht. (I left it at Pan's house and forgot to bring it back to SG, well my shoulders are too broad for it anyway. HAHA)
  • 2 highwaist belts
  • 2 headbands (accessories there are damn ex, excluding earstuds.)
  • 1 mini dark blue polkadots bag, 390baht, near $16. It was freaking cute, but guess what? We went downstairs and found the exact same thing selling for half the price. Fuck, the worst buy eventho it's really damn cute. Talking about it makes me angry D:
  • 1 pair of slippers (100baht, $4) It has cute ribbons. HAHA, I personally thought it was quite cute. And the fact that Pan bought the same pair as me proved that it really is cute!!! HAHAH
  • 1 long sleeve shirt for Hongye (200baht)
  • Ear studs (3 pairs for $4)
In total, I spend less than $200 that day, which is hmm 3000 baht plus? I thought it was a really good, cos I wouldnt have bought so many stuffs in singapore for $200. Freaking hell, I dont wanna shop in singapore anymore. One shirt cost $10 in SG and $4 in Thailand siah. HAHA.

Had dinner at a nice place, I wouldnt call it a restaurant. I'm not really sure if it's a restaurant also lah. HAAH, but the food rocks man. They have this big prawn for the first dish. It was so satisfying peeling the prawn because when you eat it, there's alot of meat to chew on! You know the feeling when you finally peel the skin of the prawn, and only get to chew a little bit of meat? SUCKS MAN, thailand prawn rocks. HAHAHA. Then there's the crab with really nice sweet sauce on it. I love crabs. Such a pity that xinlerk is allergic to it. She get rashes on her fingers and sore eyes. Then theres the thai beehoon! It's more spicy than the one Maria served at her house, but still taste great! There's also the sticky sticky rice, omg I love the rice! Then there's the soup. LOL Pan's mom added too much of the spicy sauce to my soup, I was having a hard time finishing it cos I dont wanna seem rude or smth. Then finally the dessert!!! The dessert always rocks! HAHAH, I dont know what the dessert called but it's like shaved ice with something in it. It taste great! AHHH, craving for it nowwwww.

Oh anyway I slept in the guest room in Pan's house. Omg her house is a fucking mansion. When I reach, my reaction was "this is too exaggerating." She is too fucking rich and leading sucha good life man. Seriously. I dont know how to describe it okk, anyone wanna come bangkok with me to find pan maybe next year or somethingzzz? HAHAHA, I plan on going every 2 years if possible. kekeke. Anyway, guys are welcomed as well. because there are 2 guest rooms. 

3 January 2012
Caught at movie, Sherlock Holmes. Trust me, we wouldnt have watched it if it wasnt the only english movie available because the title spells plain boring stuffs. HAHAH, I dont know. The title seems as tho it was a documentary or something. But turned out the movie was awesomeeee! Anyway! Thailand is freaking cool. Before the movie commences, they will stand to sing a song dedicated for the king as a form of respect! It's freaking cool. And there was a case where a caucasian didnt stand up and he was arrested. How rude of him, LOL. Oh, please watch Sherlock Holmes. It's freaking funny. HAHAHA, holmes is cute. That shopping mall sells alot of bb/iphone casing and covers. I bought my violet bb casing. I changed into it and it's so brand new. I mean it's like a brand new look. I love it. Tho the casing is like kind of cheapskate. Oh anyway the casing is $16, whereas if you buy on ebay, it will cost about $40. Not bad righttt. HAHAH, thailand rocks. We ate at Auntie Anne's as well. Loving the pretzel there, ahhh cravingggggg for it right now. AH shit I forgot what we did afterwards. LOL, Oh. Before the movie, pan's mom brought us to eat at Sizzler. It's a really cool restaurant. You eat there, you get free flow of salad. So normally people will order their food but eat the salad there instead and dabao (takeaway) the food they ordered. Smart and cheapskate people, I loike. HAHAH. 

4 January 2012
Woke up in the morning for breakfast as usual and set off to somewhere I dont know. It's abit like pasar malam, but some place are air-conditioned. I bought...
  • 5 shorts, 500baht in total I think, that's about $20. (4 hot shorts and 1 floral highwaist.)
They were selling 3 shorts for 100bahts ($4). Freaking hell, I dont care if I can't try it but I freaking have to buy it! So damn cheap!
  • 2 white tops (1 with thai words and 1 with cute little rocket sewings. HAHAHA)
  • 1 kind of like denim top ($200)
  • French manicure (60baht, $2.40? LOL freaking cheap.
  • Cute stuffs for Chaoyi. HAHA
Yeah I think that's it. I can't remember what else I bought. Anyway I bought $400 there, so it's about 10 000 baht. And After on the last day, I'm still left with 6 000 baht to splurge. HAHAHA.

Oh and that day, I finally tried mango rice. Omg it was heavenly. So frreaking nice. I wanted to buy a few boxes of it back, but it will definitely spoil. Sigh D: Pan bought the octupus thingy, finger food. It was nice, but freaking fucking spicy. So Pan bought milktea. Anyway all the food are sponsored, so I didnt spend a single cent on food there. LOL. I remember having steamboat dinner I think. Oh btw, Pan's mother is damn funny and cute. HAHA, she damn cool also, judging from all the stories Pan told me. I had an enjoyable stay at their house.

5 January 2012
Pan left me alone at home cos she have art lessons. I didnt really mind cos she got me addicted to Pretty Little Liars the night before. So I staying at home can help me catch up with PLL abit. HAHA, But I'm still at season 1 leh, sucha loser. Oh and I met Pan's elder brother. Luckily we can communicate in english. He brought us to dinner at some place, I think they serve thai food or something. HAHA, his gf was with him. He ordered little dishes instead of a meal per person. I didnt quite like it cos I was shy to take the food you know. And as a result, I wasn't really full. So it was kinda the most unsatisfying meal in thailand. HAHAH. Had icecream for dessert, and well, the icecream sucks. D:

6 January 2012
Pan left me alone at home again cos she have art lessons. But we woke up really early in the morning for breakfast and managed to catch a movie, Real Steel. I know it's kinda slow for us to watch that movie only now when it was already out in SG like 2 months ago. HAHA, apparently the import of movies were delayed due to the flood in bangkok. Oh, Real Steel rocks and it was quite touching at the end. The male lead is so macho. He is freaking tall, ahhh. I will feel so secure in his arms. HAHAH, choy I got bf liao. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

7 January 2012
Last day to splurge and enjoy good food. Pan's driver (yes a freaking driver) drove us to town to shop! That place is called MBK, it should be quite famous cos even I know that place. LOLOLOL. That place sells freaking alot of clothes, even the roadside is packed. But it freaking complicated. And eventho it's roadside stalls, Pan said their clothes are more expensive because it's town area where alot of tourist will go to. Well, I really went crazy there.
  • 1 big brown bag, 390 baht ($20)
  • 1 "I LOVE BANGKOK" bag, 200 baht, $8 (LOL so tourist-y)
  • 2 tops from the warehouse, 440baht in total. (about $18)
  • Blue macbook casing, 1 990 baht, $80 (about the same price as in SG, but cos I got too much money left, so I just buy. HAHA)
  • 1 vintage crop top, 270baht, $11 (very unhappy with the price cos crop top got so little cloth but they still charge us so much. But I can tell the top is branded one lah, Plain Vanilla.)
  • Some cool stuffs for my besties, including my bf. HAHA
  • Signed up for membership for Loft! (free!) So cool, I got thailand membership card hor mai siao siao.
I was left with 400baht after the last day of shopping. HAHAH, Pan's second brother brought us to dinner with his wife at Paragon. I had really nice thai food. HAHA, but the tomyam soup was really spicy. His second brother is funny. And yes, he speaks quite fluent english. Omg the coolest thing was his car. Mercedes Benz, it had a sports car racing mode or something. Argh freaking cool. It's the only car in thailand that possesses no sleeping potion. HAAHA, or so I call it :P I want a mercedes in future too. HAHAHA. 

Reached home, packed  my luggage. Had a really hard time squeezing everything into my luggage. Anyway I went thailand with a luggage that weighs 9kg and come back with 16kg luggage. LOLOL. I didnt know all the clothes would be so heavy. HAHAHA. Anyway, Pan left me to sleep alone in the guest room on the last night. D: I left all the lights in the room on cos I was scared. HAHAHA! I guess that last day of the trip was the most enjoyable one, because Pan's brother was being really funny and he drove us to alot of places. I had a really good experience, except I never really get to see the King's Palace. I really wanna know how the palace look like. It will be like a fairytale or something one right? HAHAHA, i dont know lah. Oh and I was having hiccups the entire day. Several attempts by Pan's second brother to scare me so as to scare away my hiccups failed badly. But pan only used one shot. She was like "EH CHAOYI CALLED!!!" And I went like "HUH REALLY AH?" and remained shocked for a few seconds, and guess what? My hiccup went away and never came back. Guess that really scared my hiccup far far away. HAHAH, anyway why do we have hiccups? LOL

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