Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I caught a glimpse of heaven.



BUT THIS PHOTO IS NICE, somehow shows we're very close friends. Aw :')

HAHAHA MARZ STOCKINGS SO SEXY, don't forget to look at me on the left. HAHAHAHA!


Sheela, Me, Maria.

Maria, Pan, Sheela.

OPPS, sorry for spoiling the picture D: HAHAHAH!


HEHEHE BEST FWENS, we look good together hor :D

THIS IS SO RETARDED!!! BUT IT'S SO CUTEEEE! LOL, I mean I cute. HAHAHA ok la jking. LOL. Both cute :D

OK SO THAT DAY STARTED OFF DAMN BAD COS THOSE PRINCESSES LET ME (DA QUEEN) WAIT FOR 20 MINUTES! D: HAHAHA, ok la joking. But to say the truth, I was quite mad at them. But they never fail to make all the wait worthwhile right! I just laughed it all away ^^ FUNNY THING IS, we all have been waiting for that particular friday for sooo long, but in fact we have not actually decided where we wanna go. We just knew that we're going to shop till we drop (and stupid marz only brought $30, shop what!!! Nevermind, forgive her. Cos she regretted. HAHAHA). So we headed to bugis first! The journey there seemed surprisingly short cos we (the 4 women) couldnt stop talking. WALAO, they keep talking about Laddaland, make me pekcek cos I havent watch. But nevermind, I watch with lcy already. WAHAHA, so nice. ^^ Ok, I elaborate more at the end. LOL.

back to the friday, ermmm. We went to buy I HEART TAIMEI first, really nice finger food! Maria and Sheela havent try it before. AND MARZ IS SO CUTE, she went like "I WANT HEBE, SELINA LOOKS GOOD" HAHAHA, cos each food got a famous celebrity name. LOL SO FUNNY. Bought our finger food and headed to Iluma to buy koiiii. Pan recommended me to try Passion Fruit Tea Ai-Yu. OMG IT'S DAMN NAICE, everyone should try it!!! Got some jelly/aloe vera inside, super nice. But it's expensive la, the big one is $5. LOL, but worth the try! LCY ALSO SAY NICE HOR. Then we went shopppppping!!! WALAO PAN SHOP LIKE CRAZY, we havent even buy anything she buy 2 already. Sadly I was the last one to buy any clothes cos I dont know why all the clothes looked all the same to me, and I dont really like it. But of course I bought the ones that I thought were nice la. HAHAH, all the clothes I bought were loose and baggy. I actually wanted some tight-fit clothes. Ya they told me some of the clothes suit me, but I dont really like it. HAHAHA, if I dont like it, I wont wear it. LOL.

I bought a shorts, omg I love that shop like hell. But the shorts is not highwaist la, the person go anyhow say but she's still nice. I bought a shirt there as well. The shorts is damn nice leh, somemore 10bucks only. But the shorts I bought is too small for me! WALAOOOO, luckily I can give it to my younger sister. HAHAHA, that's good. I always feel free to buy any size, cos if it's too small for me, it'll definitely fit my younger sister. And if I give it to her, I ask for my money. So i'm actually selling it to her. Means I also save my money!!! HAHAHA. I only bought 3 tops that day but spent $100+, mostly on food I guess. I bought a damn chio billabong (ok donno how to spell -_-) for only 6 bucks omgggg. OHHH we went to Orchard, Heeren. HAHAHA, ya the billabong shop got discount. Was supposed to get a wallet there, but there are no nice ones. I mean, even if there are nice ones, it doesnt suit me. But sheela bought one that suit her! HAHAHA, I hope someone gimme wallet as belated birthday gift leh. YINGJIE I KEEP HINTING U LE. LOLOL, I hope she gimme wallet. Anybody gimme wallet now I confirm will use, unless look too childish la. HAHAHA. Cos Yingjie's taste also abit childish one lor. LOL.

Wanted to eat dinner at Graffiti Cafe, they sell only Wanton Noodles and Maria said it's damn nice. But it's not halal. HAHAHA, so we went to eat at popeyes!!! The queue was damn longggg, but it's worth it. I dont understand why they say the mash potatoes are nice. Cos I actually preferred KFC's. LOL, popeyes' mash potatoes like got so many things inside and it doesnt taste like mash potatoes at all.


Actually I felt quite left out that day. I dont know la. Cos I realised Pan Sheela and Marz are Pisces, and they all live at Admiralty. The day before that outing they watched Laddaland together and they kept talking about it while I dont understand anything. LOLOL, was abit upset la okkkk. But I'm alright already. I DONT REALLY CARE, HAHAHA. We're still besties (omg so pri sch). LOL.

We also saw Farah Vanessa that day. Omg she's so pretty! Her sister also pretty leh walao. Ok not jealous. HAHAHA.

OH YAAAA, I went back to that shop that sells the nice shorts ytd. HAHAHA, cos I really love their shorts. I went with lcy. We watched movie first. Ya we watched Laddaland. Quite little people and we watch at ILUMA! The cinema there is FILMGRADE. So cool, the ticket and everything different one. Actually I was so excited to show off my IC T.T in the end they never even check one -.- NOT FUNNNNN. But anyway the movie is damn scaryyyy! I'm like the only one screaming in the cinema and lcy had to cover my mouth. HAHAHA. And I managed to find my way to that shop!!!! OMG RIGHT, but I randomly walk one la. Bugis so small, quite easy to find. That shop owner recognise me! HAHAHA, I bought two shorts there at one go, of course I bought a size bigger. WOO, they fit me perfectly, as in abit loose that kind. Aiya I dont care it's just nice. LOL. Then we went to Somerset, cos we nowhere to go. HAHAHA, we went to Forever21, but the shirt there all look the same also D: I know those shirts are trending like mad, but I dont like. It shows my collar bone and I look damn skinny, like chao auntie. My mom makes me think that collar bones are really ugly, and yes I think they are ugly D: Went to have our dinner at Superdog. They sell hotdogs. Aiya, see the shop and everything like so nice and cool like that, but actually the hotdog also not that nice. The mustard so hot. They even have rules for eating the hotdog one lor wth. We broke all the rules, HAHAHA NO LA ACTUALLY. But we didnt follow them, it's so lame. BUT IT DID LOOK COOL AT FIRST. HAHAHA. Then we went to Cotton On. OMG LA, they sell the shorts at $10 when it used to be $25. COTTON ON ALWAYS LIKE THAT ONE LOR. Next time I wanna buy this shirt I will wait half a year then go back buy. HAHAHA. I bought two of it, obviously one was too small for me but lcy wouldnt believe it. So I just bought it and gave it to xintien without even trying it on. LOL. AGAIN. So that day I bought 4 shorts. HAHAHA crazy. BUT FUN DAY :D

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