Monday, June 27, 2011

Tell me something sweet to get me by.

Won't be blogging so often now, 3 more months to start of Olevel Examinations. Right now, I'm feeling damn guilty for using the comp. I'm supposed to finish my School Graduation Certificate draft, off the comp and continue my biology revision. BUT WHAT IS THIS. GRRR, nevermind that's one bad news. GOOD NEWS ISSSSS.... HEHEHEHE, so excited to tell all of you leh.

IM SHORTLISTED FOR THE AJC TRIAL! WOOHOO, Xinlerk tried to trick me at first you know. She told me I was not chosen with a damn serious look on her face. Omg I actually took her for real at first, damn it. But luckily she was joking! HAHAHA, I'm very happy. HEHE, because at least it secured me a spot in Junior College. I will be going to AJC for an interview, and omg I have to reach at 2.50pm. I think I might need to either leave school exactly on time or leave school early. Later late then bad impression right?! HAHAHA.

Anyways I guess I will still be blogging when there's holidays or something. Maybe blog about what's up in school and stuffs. HAHAH, I initially wanted to post a picture of me and chaoyi just in case some of you havent seen that photo yet, butttt nevermind. HEHE I shy. Ok so lame. LOL. Just 3 months okay, Olevels will end in November omg I can't wait. Seriously, gonna have Chinese Olevel Oral Examination this Thursday. And I'm totally not prepared at all?! Grr, afterwards gonna prepare for English Olevel Oral Examination. Yeap, this semester gonna be very fast. And it will be smooth sailing for me! :) I mean today is a great day {cos I receieved wonderful news and I received wonderful birthday presents from Dilis} and tomorrow will be an even better day. Next week will be awesome cos Monday is a school holiday! HAHAHA, YOUTH DAY YOOO. Anyway, Dilis gave me birthday present today. OMG I LOVE HER PRESENTS LIKE MAD DOG. ALL DAMN GORGEOUS. OK I LOVE HER BUT I LOVE CHAOYI MORE. HAHAHA.

Ok need to get off the comp already, starving like mad. Study hard people, no more playing!

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