Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sorry for not updating. Had been chionging holiday homeworks. T.T But I managed to finish them right before the deadline. MUAHAHA. Some of them are due on Monday. I still have to print my SS. I realised I dont have to care about CA marks already. Olevel also no need CA marks! MUAHAHA. Olevel will definitely prove my real standard in studies la.

Anyways, had CCA ORIENTATION on Thursday. Which is the day we got our new MIZUNO JERSEY! WOOOO, naice right. But it's abit tranlucent la, can see our bra. I think cca orientation this year is boring shit la. Didnt really do much, play ball, see photos and videos what else? And me and my sister did pull a few people and humour them with our damn cute and special cheer. HAHAHAHA. Had fun then, but afterwards very sian already la.

Had CCA SELECTION yesterday. Also okayokay la, I was the one of the 12 trainers. I think very sian! Got a few obvious netballers from the way they throw the ball using one hand. But I think playing dig set spike with Chaoxin is fun. Like got alot of ralleys la. Was really tired after the entire thing.

Had training just now, abit slack cos coach never come. I think I enjoy the 2000 setting leh. LOLOL. TEAM TALK \m/ I hope it benefitted everyone ^^ Met up afterwards with W2F8, everyone except Kas came ): Really sad la. I thought the full team would come. But anyways, reach Siewming's house immediately started eating! MUAHAHAHAHA, finished all the food I think. Even got somemore crabsticks from the coffeeshop downstairs. Siewming's mother is really very cute. HAHAHA, I cant believe I begged Bert and MH for so long for the camera just to see a lame photo T.T they think very funny but to me so lame! I think I see that face of mine until sian already. HAHAHA, so I dont think it's really funny. LOL. Cut cake, did magic tricks. I think that trick ah, swap card that one, I have to master it. Easy and nice to trick other peapur. MUAHAHA. I got alot of unglam pictures in bert's camera ): IF YOU DARE TO UPLOAD THEM, I'll pinch your nipples again! MUAHAHAH. Minghwee was being damn irritating, keep annoying people when we're talking. WALAU. But we had fun grilling almost everything, even fishballs. HAHAHA. I still cant figure out his magic trick, damn it. But I almost succeeded right! MUAHAHA, just that I cant get the last part right! PFFT.

Home afterwards, thanks to MH and KS's cab. HAHAHA, was being damn picky at the last part, must zhun zhun at our lift then randomly ask the driver stop. LOLOL, damn fun. KIANSHEN! CHEER UP ^^

HAHA, sorry for this stupid summarized post. I damn tired la, come back from Siewming's house havent shower yet. LOL. BERT! FASTER UPLOAD MY ARTISTIC SHOTS. HAHAHA!

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