Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lol, havent posted for a week.
Caught UP with Pantita and Shuiyuan. Nice la, touching and also funny. I keep eyeing Pantita, because I know she will cry. Haha, luckily she didnt. It's nice people, watch it!

God, this day finally came lo, waited so damn long for this day.
People who turned up: Teckjin, Leonard, Ziwei, Jiajun, Alison, Pan, Chaoxin and me.

It's damn fun, we played truth or dare/double dare. First is Leonard, then he chose double dare, which will be with Alison. Then they had to dance indian dance at a tree. Then Leonard wanna do somemore, then he went to the lamp post, put the lamp post in between his legs and slide down. Wth.
I got a couple of dares as well, we cant choose truth, haha, banned. Truth not fun one lo. My dares include me having to put a ball in between me and ziwei's back and walking without dropping it, having to entertain Jiajun's smelly feet -,-, go around the basketball court with Leonard's boxers and shouting ,"I wear this boxer."x3times, tell a woman that I'm a man (LOL!), yup, I think that's all.
Jiajun's only dare is to do a number 10 act cute post, which he did after much persuasion and bargains from us.
Teckjin did many things also, haha, we keep sabo-ing each other. He and Chaoxin held the boxer in the air, walked around the basketball court saying that they share the same boxer 6 times. And Alison did a double dare with him, she had to imagine that his head is a potato and she wanna cook potato soup. (I came up with this :D) Then she had to turn on the stove (twisting his ear damn hard), then chop the potato (hitting his head), peel the potato (plucking the hair), haha, got more steps i forgot. Then Teckjin did his last double dare with ziwei, he had to some sort of flirt him. Haha.
Pan's only dare, is to go to the tree and say, "I love you, muacks."
And Leonard's last dare is to WEAR his boxer, go around the basketball court, and shouting,"This boxer is mine!" x9times. Haha, then the people in the court got irritated and a guy said,"Okay, okay, I alr know!" haha, damn funny la.
Went home after my last dare. Phew, had great fun that day.


YOG COUNT DOWN! I've been waiting for this day for damn long too. Haha, since last week. It was quite fun, of course i think the best part is the volleyball, where we play on a big giant balloon court. haha, it can make us jump damn high, but i dont dare to jump alot. The game was short and fast becos the score is only 10 i think. Then there's also street basketball, where 3 (not so famous) stars play against another team.
Hmm, saw Jessica and Irene dance, lol, Jessica secretly waved to us. We played many things la, i forgot. Then there is the countdown thing coming up, so we're told to stand on the road and get high. Haha, damn high la all those people. Got people dance until damn ugly also. The cheerleading thing, most of the girls have 6pacs man. Cool la, and the dance thing. The song damn sad. Haha, then i keep teasing rasyidah, the song is suitable for a movie where the ghost wanna take the soul out of another person. And that's what i did to rasyidah. Lol.
rasyidah keep saying i shout at the wrong time. Haha, the MC tell us to say hello to the VIPs on the left, then in the end only i say hello siah. Walau, then rasyidah look at me like what. haha. Then there's the clock thingy, nice clock. Then we countdown for one year before the actual YOG. There is this competition about the sms thing, see who can sms a phrase faster to a number. omg la, a guy from our sch got it. Shuiyuan helped him go take. Lol, then the MC ask shuiyuan say something, then he say 'hello' LOL!
Went home after that.

Service learning. My group members are: Rasyidah, Sufei, Raziq and me. We're allowed to bring phones, haha, then at first i still hide. Lol, we went to block 803 and 804. I like my block better, those blocks so damn scary lo. Then rasyidah say haunted. Block 804 are all two-storeys, then it so damn long and quiet and white. I feel as if i'm in heaven lo, everything white. Lol.

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