Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because once you're broken, you'll never be fully fixed.

Got a surprising news that Sports Group will have to perform during the NDP concert. Kinda expected it as the Uniform Groups already performed during the RHD concert. LOL.
Yeah, our dance was great. Rehearsal was bagus. Seriously, we could easily melt the audience with our damn hot dance. HAHAHA. Shall not disclose our performance here or else it will be no surprise for you guys. LOL. Got a few conflicts here and there while doing the ending part. But yeah, all solved. :D & That's what I love about my team.
Met up with Pantita @ cwp. Then met Chaoyi at the Admiralty Station platform. Going to Yishun Safra to play pool. Don't laugh, it's my freaking first time playing pool. I was so prepared to being laughed at already. HAHAHA. Cabbed to Yishun Safra from Yishun Station, so Pan and I didnt exactly know the route to get there. LOL. Pan and I didnt pay a single cent. As in, they didnt let us know the costs and everything. Met Phil, Kahhwee, Kianshen and co there, quite surprised. I saw Kahhwee at cwp, and we're going to exactly the same place. LOL. They booked the table just next to us.
Chaoyi taught me how to play, k then Kianshen taught me. I find the hand thing so funny. Like so gay like that. But ya, I still did the funny thing. I keep missing the ball and whatever. HAHAHA. And then I played one set with Pantita, and Kianshen told me to hit the black ball. I did and I lost. Damn him la, never tell me cannot hit black ball. Stupid lo, I was leading then leh. IDIOT. GRRRR. Then played one more set with Pan, yay I won. I think. HAHAHA. I was so happy that my pole hit the lamp. LOL. Some silly things I did there was because I keep forgetting the pole is very long. HAHAHA. One time I was aiming one ball and the back of my pole hit Jonathan's ass. LOLOLOL. Maybe it's Jonathan's ass la. HAHAHA.
Played another set with Chaoyi, I WON OKAY. HAHA, but he let me win one lo. Stupid. How can like that, cheat my feelings leh. ): LOL. But it's still fun la. I got do stunts leh, do from the back and sit on the table. HAHAHA. But miss the ball la. LOLOLOLOLOL, seriously. And I like playing with the chalk. SOOOO fun. HAHA, I dirtied my shirt with it. Played a set with Kahhwee. I WON, hahaha. Cos he was on the phone, andddd to save time. EHEHE, I took his turns. LOL, aiya. Everytime I win is because I keep cheating la. Everytime I miss one ball, instead of giving me a foul, I wanna hit the ball again. Or simply, just pushing one ball into the nearest hole. HAHAHAHAHA. Played with Zhigang, I WIN AGAIN. HAHAHA, because he keep giving me chances. EHEHEHE, that was my last game and I left with Pantita to Eunice's condo to practice for our dance again.
Cabbed there, LOL. Cos that's how we came, so that's the only way we know to go back. HAHA. When we reached, they were already practising. Basically we finished the whole song today. So we just need to practice ALOT. Yeah, afterwards we keep replaying the song continuosly. We could easily memorise it already. And we perfected certain areas. Like me, dont like to look at the audience, and keep laughing and smiling. Yeah, we're not suppose to smile to show our aggresiveness. Cool huh. HAHAHA. Some of them are really good at not smiling, but I can't help it lehhhh. And while we're dancing, alot of people came and stared at us okay. LOL. Paiseh, and shy. But bobian, on stage will be the same as well.
Went home at around 7pm.

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