Saturday, June 12, 2010

You gave me you.

Went out with teammies to buy some stuffs for farewell cum discussing about our performance. Bet all of you are excited about what we're gonna do right. HAHAHA, definitely la! After seeing our damn awesome AGOGO dance, everybody thinkns we're pros already. HAHAHA, just joking :D Kelly and I had a hard time deciding what to buy. We took such a long time that we decided to sit down and decide. HAHAHA. And when I stood up, got abit dizzy due to my low blood sugar concentration illness ): LOL. Had subway for early dinner and headed to Causeway to look for Pantita. Oh yea, talking about taking bus makes me sick TTM! On our way to sembawang shopping centre, we took bus 858 there. There's this uncle who sat beside me, he keep starring and talking to me. Bloody hell. He asked if I got work, I shook my head damn vigorously and my face shows one word 'disgust'. Ewww, he keep starring at me. Disgusting la. And my teammates around me smsed me. LOL. When I got down the bus, that uncle is still starring. I shot him a middle finger. Damn him la, he may be those open type uncles, but he really freaked me out. All I know was, if he touch one single hair of mine, his ballS will drop and bounce. I SWEAR. I was so traumatized afterwards la, keep cursing and swearing that cheekopek. Disgusting.
BTW! I got this cute emoticon on msn. Sorry if I keep spamming you all. BUT DAMN IT LA, it's so cute. :D:D:D EHEHEHE ;D;D;D


Went over to Eunice's condo to finish up our performance and gifts for farewell party WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!!!! Our farewell performance was AWESOME, I SWEAR. We're goooood~ Not to be disclosed until farewell is over, or else no more surprises for the seniors :D But rest assured, they'll enjoy it, CONFIRM GUARANTEE + CHOP CHOP. HAHAHA. Kelly and I made the gifts until so damn chiooooo~ HAHAHA, abit haolian. But seriously chio maaaa.

Right now, the seniors are at my house. So I can't do anything about the farewell, if not they will see it. I even need help from chaoxin to keep my present. LOL, but tonight confirm no need sleep already la. They making so much noise now. And look at the time, it's almost 12am already. HAHAH. Yay, I'm really excited for tomorrow's volleyball farewell chalet :D Nothing much already, bye! Gonna go entertain them, hehe.

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