Thursday, June 17, 2010

Farewell Chalet 2010

Met my teammates @ WRS busstop, as usual, some were late. But that's okay la. Went on with our last and final rehearsal before we went on with the final performance at the chalet. So far so good ah :D Went to school and saw Zhonghao. Seriously forgot it was his birthday, HAHAHA. Hugged him, sang birthday song. LOL, enough to be his birthday present la. HAHA, cheap! Then finally, we set off to the chalet.
Seriously, I didnt dare to hope for much as to how big the chalet would be like. Because you know how budget our school is, and how everytime you expect alot, the more disappointed you get. Yeah, I got very sick of it. LOL. So Pantita and I were like, yeah, just didnt hope for much. But turned out the chalet was not bad, seriously. At least big enough to play volleyball inside and there's 4 rooms. Beds are obviously not enough, most of us gonna ton anyway.
Head to our rooms, settled down. And our gossip group formed! Partly due to Pantita's injured toe, and I being a very very nice kind and understanding little girl, wanted to accompany her. Not dump her in the room like nobody's business. Qiuheng, Eden, Pantita, Siewming, Yingjie (joined later), and I. We gossiped alot man, from some bitches to some bastards to some stuffffs in school. LOL, until my subway order didnt come. I turned all emo. Sorry la, I'm like that when I'm hungry. Now you all know how much I love food :D
BBQ finally started, I got served alot. HAHAHA, cos I was damn hungry earlier on. YAYYYY. HAHAHA, and then I spotted Pantita in a damn nice spot to get food. So I joined her. LOLOLOL, AND YES. My plate got so full I had to choose some food out. HAHA, sometimes I reject the food leh. Then Qiuheng joined me, walau she damn loud hailer can. My eardrums gonna burst liao. Chicken wings were nice, it would be perfect if those people who cook it can make sure it's cook, WITHOUT peeling all the meat out (Jiajing). LOL, that's what she did okay.
Then got quite full, tried to get back to my room. LOCKED. Seniors occupying it to finish up their cards for us. So I went to juniors room and got wrestled by super fatty SIEWMAI just because I took her phone! ): She crushed me like a biscuit. I swear she almost broke one of my weak little bones. HAHAHA. REALLY. Then bugged the sec twos for awhile. Irritated them. Then there comes our damn cool performance! It's what we've all been waiting for man! WOOHOO, wore the extensions Pantita brought. Super long and hairy, eeeee. I keep pulling the hair off. HAHAHA.
First performance was by our sec ones. Nice job on Nobody :D Coach, Ms Lim, and Ms Toh joined it. Kinda screwed it, but it's funny. HAHAHA, coach fail siah. But so funny, she do the kalang wave so stiff. Then got sexy dance somemore. HAHAHA. Then comes the sec two's performance. MAGIC SHOW. Not bad at all. Just that we all guessed the method already. LOL, but nice effort. Then comes ours! WOWOWOWOW. Kelly's one rule like bloody hell. HAHA, angmoh style. Then Jenny and I did a solo dance of Pink Panther. Then everybody joined in. Cool like bloody hell okay. Then we sang the songs : Best in me - Blue ; I never told you - Colbie Caillat ; You Gave Me You - Coffey Anderson. Cried like hell, I cant bear to part with them la. It's been so nice to have them around. Seriously. I love them. <3
Dried our tears, but I just can't seem to stop crying. Tears still came out during coach's speech. I'm just so sad. ): Then it's hug time. Then we went to shower. Showered in the sec twos room, as most of them didnt shower. LOL. So the toilet is practically empty. Annoyed them a little again. HAHAHA, so fun. Ton-ed the whole night. K seriously, it really pisses me alot when some of you decided to go out of the chalet when you're not suppose to. Even after I told you'al to think about it carefully, you're still as stubborn. To tell the truth, I hoped you guys get caught. Eventhough it meant Chaoxin and I had to get punished more. Because it'll teach you a lesson. Sorry if I sounded mean, but yup, that's what I felt. I've still got more to say about it, but I think I should stop. LOL.
Sneaked into the sec ones room to sleep. Woah, I've alot to say about their teambonding. Two bed 3 person sleep only leh? I last minute come in, the bed so much space leh. And I see people sleeping all over on the floor. It says alot. I slept on the bed at their leg area. I got out before they got to know who actually slept there. HAHAHA. The room bloody cold la, the air con. I switched it off. LOL. Then come the next day. YAY, WILD WILD WET!
Set off for Subway for breakfast. Gosh, been craving for it since the night before. Finally got to have it, was damn high afterwards. The stupid auntie give so much cucumber, eventhough I like it, but still, she's suppose to give only two, but she gave five! Went to WWW afterwards, sooooooo excited man. Settled with the lockers and jumped into the Shiok River. Woohooooo. Quite fun. Tried out the Tsunami afterwards. Hannah's and I the face is like, okay... so this is the 'tsunami'. LOL, it's like damn lame la. We wont even call it tsunami okay. HAHA. Tried out all the other stations within the next hour. There's so little stations, seriously. Got bored after awhile already. The U-shape thing is damn cool la, walau. And Hannah and I made a fool out of ourselves. The person told us to put our legs. And I thought I have to put my legs between Hannah's. HAHAHA, then turned out very weird. Of course I didnt put there la. LOL. And you know what, he just told us to put our legs like that, hold on to the handle and go down. No other safety stuffs? When he was about to push us down, we're like, WAIT, just like that? HAHAHA, the first time was so shocking for me that I was speechless. Can't even shout out la. And the carrying the float up part was tiring. And do you know how low I have to bend cos of Hannah -,- LOL.
Played that twice, damn fun. Second time, I managed to scream okay. :D Then played Ular-lah. Quite fun. But afterwards abit bored. Hannah and I slacked at the Tsunami and Shiok River afterwards for the next few hours. Gossiped alot ahhh! And we go around stealing other people's floats. HAHAHA. Stupid, so funny la. And we actually didnt want to get wet at Wild Wild Wet. Cute ah. LOLOLOL.

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