Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bugis with beloved

Second time I went out with my younger sister. Not that bad, it was quite fun :D Had double cheese burger as lunch @ Macdonalds and set off to bugis. Bought a pair of long pants, shorts and shoe. Eventhough the shoe got abit of yellow, LOL, but it's still nice. Sorry, I hate yellow FYI. It was not long before we realised we almost finished up all our money already. HAHA, so it leaves us with no choice but to window shop ONLY ): See, but cant buy. That's the lousy part. Seeing something you wanted so badly, but can't have it. Aw. Slacked around at Iluma afterwards. Okay, spent abit of time on the autodoor thing. HAHAHA, I remembered Xiaojun and I used to walk like we're on red carpets and when the door swing open, woah. Like, so shuai like that. But then we chose the wrong door. We chose the door with no auto senser. HAHAHA, and we even waited infront of the door, moving back and forth for it to auto swing open for us, but of course it didnt. And that's when we realised it. And that day, I made the same silly mistake again. HAHAHA. I jumped infront of a non auto door, and ... nothing happened. LOL. K, idiotic.
Took the train back again. There're sometimes when we sang abit too loudly and people around us stared. LOL, and we sang the alphabet song in the tune to Choo-choo soul from Playhouse disney. K, i think nobody watch that. LOL.
First day of VOLLEYBALL DAY CAMP. Er, the workshop was quite boring leh. It's like, there's no aircon, and they're repeating the same thing as primary school volleyball camp also. Almost dozed off, I swear. Luckily it wasnt that long. And we get to watch abit of Kungfu Panda. HAHA. Team building games afterwards. We played the number game, where our group won! WOOHOO, actually we won by ALOT. But the score allocation is abit weird. But nevermind, we had fun :D Then the second game is stepping stones, where we had to use our shoes as steps. And my god, it's my new volleyball shoe ): LOL, but nevermind la. After those wear and tear, I'll heck care my shoe already also. HAHA. We got second in the game, lost to sec ones. Had lunch after that, had fun chatting with Pantita and Siewming. We talked about anything we could think of. Let's chat someday again HEHE.
Training was as usual. Just bruised my leg a little. Met hongye and his friends aftewards @ the playground below his house. Waited for Leonard TOKKKKK to come. He finally came, with a broken leg. K I really didnt know he broke his leg. And hongye! You still ask him come! LOL, while playing volleyball, I was so scared. So scared that I dont dare to give the ball to him sometimes. Omg, it's damn scary okay. He cant even walk properly and he's playing volleyball! WHAT, LOL. I got quite bored after awhile. Can you imagine? I just came back from volleyball training and you want me to touch volleyball again. HAHA, no thanks, before I get sick of it hor. And there's this time when the ball rolled down to a cyclist on the pavement, damn funny.
*Bicycle coming near to the ball*
Hongye: Hey thanks!
*Cyclist stare, bicycle cycle past*
Hongye: for that.
HAHAHA, damn funny la. WALAU! STUPID. HAHAHA, k I'm laughing. Idiot.
Workshop again. Not as tedious as yesterday, but still, I couldnt bring myself to enjoy it. LOL. Had kitkat and abit of videos. Quite interesting la. Then it's teambuilding games again! YAY. We played a blind route game. MY GOD MAN, the route damn weird la. But we're still the winning group. HAHAHA. And bloody hell, JENNY YANG. LOLOLOLOLOLOL, she acted as our distractor during a concentration game la. But it's not preplanned. She sat on the stage where behind her is the stairs, and she fell backwards. I didnt see her fall, but the moment when all the attention is diverted to her, her head was below, and her legs were on top! HAHAHA, bloody hell la. I could still laugh nonstop just by thinking about it. Next activity was the trashbag with many many holes one. One ball will be placed on top of the trash bag and we had to move the bag to navigate the ball to drop into the correct hole. LOL, we tore it even before the game started. HAHAHA. Had damn loads of fun during that game. There's one time when the ball is just infront of the hole it's suppose to drop in, but we went a damn big round and got it in the wrong hole instead. HAHAHA. Our trashbag went up so damn high. LOL, FUNFUNFUN. Then we had the final super duper ultra fun game of balloons! HAHA, we didnt win it. But still, it's damn fun! HAHAHA, lazy to elaborate la. But it's the game we made damn much noise when in the hall. So much noise that Alison came up? HAHA.
Lunch break afterwards, then training. The councillors distracted us abit, when we were suppose to work on our concentration? LOL, so ya. There goes my concentration. Ooops. HAHA. Aw coached talked to me about some stuffs, not stuffs that make me sad la. But stuffs that make me doubt. LOL, but nevermind. I'm so lazy to write out what she say la, so it shall be a secret. HAHA. Training tomorrow again! Gotta rest early, hopefully.

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