Wednesday, June 23, 2010

People are lonely becos they build walls instead of bridges.

Had gym training in the morning. Aw, Qiuheng and I are the last to finish again. But it's okay la. WE NEVER SLACK :D:D:D Had KFC porridge meal at Admiralty. Then headed back to school. TEAM TALK. Very important! Yeah, I believe many doubts and whatsoever have been cleared. So great job everyone! We'll have another team talk again someday. I think it's quite fun and interesting as we get to know our weaknesses and so on. Also, I think it bonds our team! :D
Many and many of our teammates are getting injured. Please do take care of yourselves. Ball training afterwards. K i'm guilty for pulling a long face. I dont know la, just feel pissed all of a sudden. But I'm alright afterwards :D Headed to cwp after training with Qiuheng and Pantita. Qiuheng is all the way harping on THE BLOOD PLEDGE whatever shit, and I'm like, "Can you talk softer?" And she shouted, "CANNOT!" So loud that everyone around her looked back. Okay, I feel a bit retarded now cos I'm laughing to myself. And then we waited for almost 30minutes for that trailer to come out. DAMN QIUHENG LA. But the trailer is niceeeeeeee~ :D:D Qiuheng dont dare to watch the trailer at home, so she wanna watch at Banquet. Wth, stupid siah. HAHA.
Then headed to John Little as Pantita wanna buy a tube. And Qiuheng told me there's a new flavour skin peeler cleanser. It's green apple flavour.
Me: You got try before?
Qiuheng: Got, I try before already. Very nice.
Me: *squeeze some onto my palm*
Qiuheng: MUAHAHAHA, very smelly.
Me: *smells* No what, quite nice.
Qiuheng: You see lo, later dry already very smelly one.
*5minutes later*
Me: EEEEEEEEEE, very smelly.
HAHAHAHA, stupid Qiuheng. She tricked me ): Then afterwards the saleswoman come and tell us blahblahblah, it's not smelly. Whatever shit. I think smelly is my problem right. Stupid. Then went home afterwards :D:D:D
My father just piggybacked me around the house! HAHAHA, and he let me drink red wineeee :D:D:D I love my dad!

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