Monday, June 21, 2010

Lovers dont finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along.

Out with Hannah, Pantita and Qiuheng again! :D:D:D Intend to study AT FIRST, but end up -,- LOLOLOL, as usual la. Chatted alot, and ate alot alot alot. I can't believe I spent 20bucks at cwp when I can spend 0cents all the way at Clarke Quay yesterday with Eunice. Oh yea, forgot to blog yesterday. We went to do our English project. So far so good. Still waiting for Shicheng and Yuxuan's one now. Yea, we doing it separately. How wonderful right. -,- We're done with the video, our part only la. And you know, when we reached Clarke Quay MRT Station, we dont know how to go to Clarke Quay, the place. So we took a bus, and afterwards we realised, we can actually walk there. And it's damn near only -,- Clarke Quay is such a wonderful place, so many histories and interesting places. REALLY. And there's even the handmade candy-STICKY. OMGOMGOMG, it's damn nice. I wanted to buy it at first, but didnt in the end. Save money you know. LOLOLOL. And we checked out some shopping malls and walk walk walk, and for no reason at all, we're at the MRT Station already. Back where we came from.
And on the way back, there's an old lady in the MRT, she had heart attack. And someone pressed the emergency button and the train stopped. The woman was in the same cabin as me, so supposedly, I should be able to see her just by turning my head. But damn those people, they all crowd around her like siao. Even the person opposite me called them idiots, they should let her breathe right? My god. But this is the first time it happened to me. So shocking and interesting. And I think the lady died. Cos Eunice said she laid out on the platform perfectly still and straight with her eyes opened, not blinking. R.I.P I never got to see her at all. Not even a glimpse.
Went to ahma's house afterwards, had steamboat grilling to celebrate Father's Day. Aiya, very sian. I dont like to go my ahma's house ): I ate a little only. And my cousin gave my brother a STICKY lollipop. :D:D:D But it's ours, obviously. He got decayed tooth already leh omg, his front teeth.
Today, spent $5 on 3 mochi icecream <3>
Had fun with Sunbucks family playing with dry ice. HAHAHA, yes. Dry ice, omg. It make us high okay. LOLOLOL.

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