Saturday, June 5, 2010

You never know a good thing til it's gone.

photo credits from Ms Lim Hui Qi's facebook.

I'm back from my camp, got alot to say. I wrote Day 1's diary, the rest of the days I was to lazy. LOL.

M12: Sheela, Hengteng, Alison, Nicholas, Nadia, Hajar, Esther, Wilson, Mandy, Chester & David (absent)

Day 1, 31 May 2010
I met my fascil in school, his name is Melvin. He is damn cool, he filled in the white card form wrongly and said, "fuck!" We all went like "woah, you're damn cool man. We love you!" LOL, cos we thought they're not allowed to use those words? Then journey to Kota Tinggi, went totally crazy with Sheela, my buddy :D We were both singing 'True Friend' by Miley Cyrus {PS: Rasyidah's idol} and the lyrics went like 'True friends, you're here til the end' and we added 'of this camp'. LOL, cos you dont normally see us this close during other times ma. Finally we reached Kota Tinggi, check into Room no. 416 with Kelly, Eunice and Yingjie. We got one hour to do whatever we want inside the bunk. I ate my Tomyam cup noodle with cold water. LOL, the result was not bad alright! Xinpei's new invention. WOAH. HAHAHA. Played some activities in the seminar room afterwards after we had our wonderful buffet lunch. The food there was yumalicious. Actually, I really think those classroom sessions are boring. SERIOUSLY, they made Day 1 almost as boring as school. This is what I think la. Nadia was our first group leader. The choosing of group leaders go by volunteering, there's no such thing as nominating. Yea, so it's entirely up to yourself, whether you're willing to take up the challenge or not. Then we chose our group name and whatsoever. Then there's the game which i dont know what it's called, where 6 people in each group had to be blindfolded. I was one of the blind ones, quite lazy to elaborate. I just know that I helped to complete the whole thing and earned my group SECOND! YAY, that means 15 points. Woah! Then there's more boring stuffs. Finally got to the outdoors and there's TUG OF WAR! YAY, nicholas was the leader for it. Our group won 0points, but it's okay. Hanlin that not-human-guy. He's crazy, he played for 2 games consecutively, and he dont look tired. ZOMG. I only played for one game and my hand hurt like bloody hell. I almost broke my nail. Then had 2 plates of wonderful dinnner, wow. Then Hengteng became the leader for the next activity, he won us 60 points! We jumped all the way from last to first in place. While the 4 leaders were in the seminar room, all of us in the dining area were damn high. Playing games like bomb, truth or dare and concentration game etc. Eunice and I kissed each other on the cheek like twice lo, LOL. It's quite common to see us kissing around la actually. Then it's supper and nighttime, yay :D

Day 2, 1 June 2010

Woke up @ 6.30am in the morning. I didnt sleep well la, keep waking up. And damn the bloody aircon, super cold. I wrapped myself like what like that. Met the rest at the dining area at 7.30am. Our group leaded the morning exercise. Jogged for quite a distance. Forgot what happened afterwards, only remembered Paintball. LOLOL, it's like the most exciting game la. The trial game was easy, as well as the second round. Hengteng and I were the chiongsters. It's our group's strategy. And Chester, woah, his aiming damn good okay. I didnt shoot anyhow. I'm holy innocent. HAHA. I didnt even have time to aim la, for god's sake. I chionged first during the second round of the game, running zigzag-ed as told by Chester and Nicholas. Nicholas was damn worried for me, I can tell. Maybe because I'm a girl, or maybe he thinks i'm blur. LOL, I was scared also la. Then I took the hanger first, and ran back zigzaggedly as well, got shock at the back of the vest. It wasnt painful, I think the pallete bounced off the vest, I surrendered, but continued running. I ran back to Hengteng's hiding spot and covered for him. He took the pole, but after a few steps, he got shot. He had to return to his home, and come back again. At that moment, I didnt know what was happening. All I know was I was preparing to aim at somebody near the tank when Nicholas voice sounded, "Xinpei, GOO! Take the pole! XINPEI!" LOL, and I was like walau eh, was about to shoot you know. But I took the pole and ran. I forgot to run zigzag, and made Nicholas damn worried. HAHAHAHA. Then we got into the finals, fighting for the first place which means 120 points. It's against Zhigang's group. We used the same method, chionggggggg ah. But then there's a problem. They used the same method as us. Can you imagine? Nicholas and Zhigang was like one metre away only, and they're shooting each other mercilessly. Our group won, but that game was not counted as safety was neglected. I was so sad, it's like all of their wounds and everything, like they got injured for nothing. But it's okay. My group was up next. I was so scared, but I cant show it out. Cos if i react that way, the rest of my team will be affected. MODEL THE WAY :D So I stayed calm. I used the same method, I got shot. Bloody hell. At that split second I didnt know what to do okay. It's like everything is in slow motion, and I cant hear anything, i could only see people outside screaming and shouting and jumping around. Then I got shot again, at my butt. it's so freaking painful okay, I knelt down and held my butt. I didnt know what to do la. Until I saw Hengteng got shot and running to the HOME, then I was like, OH, I had to get to my HOME. So I ran there damn slowly, hoping not to get shot again. And I stayed there, Nicholas was like telling me, Dont go already, Xinpei, you can't then dont go already. But I was like, how can, hengteng suffered more than me and he's still hanging on! So I went again. Got hit somemore. Came back, and the game ended. Lost ): We got second in the end with 60 points. It's good enough :D

Day 3, 2 June 2010

I SAW MONKEYS HAVING SEX ON THE ROOFTOP IN THE MORNING! OMGGG! Met at the same time, morning exercise led by TOO TOOS. Quite fun la. We had to do star jumps. The demand was quite reasonable :D then had wonderful breakfast. It's time for HIGH ELEMENTS. It's damn fun. I stood up to be a leader for the Treetop Challenge. It's a quite complicating game with the longest amount of time needed. It's our first station. Had to play mastermind with people's names. Actually Melvin helped us alot, hehe, thanks to me la. I cooperated with him leh. And he still say my acting not good. WALAU. I didnt get to go onto the treetop course as I let Nadia and Alison go. Quite a sacrifice, but it's alright. I wanted to try the treetop course so badly okay. ): Then there's the vertical ascend. Nicholas and I went first, took up alot of time. Nicholas was blindfolded, and I didnt need much help. Then there's one part, Nicholas said, "Why you havent come up?" I said, "Huh, how i know. EHHHH, how you know? I thought you blindfolded?" Nicholas: Oh ya hor. LOLOLOLOL. He cheated! HAHAHA. I remembered when I was up there, I kept waving to Zhengyu. If only someone took photo la, I'm so tall leh. LOLOL. Zhengyu kept peeping! He never concentrate on his own team. But climbing the vertical ascend was funnnnn! :D And there's the Zipline thingy, IT WAS THE MOST FUN ONE LA. There's a line, and we get to slide all the way from the top to the bottom. Yea, and that's how I got my scar on my face. MY FACE! WALAU. And Melvin said I looked prettier with that scar ): Then there's FIREFLIES TRIAL after dinner. It's more like a cruise, we were on a boat. There was once it went under a bridge, and there's alot of bird noise. And then we looked up, OMGOSHHHHH? there's alot of swallow nest. We thought it was bat at first, but it's swallow. Omg, so pweety. Then as the boat continued sailing, I felt cheated for a moment, cos i cant spot any fireflies. Until Jiawei told us to look at a bush, he said he saw fireflies. And I was like "Ya right, HAHA Jiawei." But it's true! OMG, the boat went closer to the bush, there really are fireflies! The whole bush is like blinking in unison. It's so nice, I was speechless throughout the whole journey. When some of the fireflies fly near us, we all squeal in delight. K I just did my research, it says "Male fireflies fly high while females fly low". I couldnt find what Ms Lim said, which is that when fireflies glow, it means they're dying soon. All I know is fireflies glowing pattern attracts the opposite sex for mating. On the journey back, I was so tired I slept. Sheela woke me up. Then in the bus, I went crazy again. LOLOLOL.

Day 4, 3 June 2010

Got a good sleep, and climbed Mount Gunung Panti. Got ready, very ready. With our bottles and everything, can foods etc. M12 was the first team to leave, took the truck down the slope. It was so nice, been a long time since I last took a truck at my kampong. Alighted and walked a few distance. K skip this, it's boring. Then we started to climb the mountain. We took a break almost every 15minutes. It was tiring, yes. Took us about 3 hours to get to the summit, and it's not all. We still had to do a rock climbing. YEA, REAL ROCK CLIMBING, with not harnest and everything, just ROPES. Dangerous right, one wrong move and you're dead. I almost died a few times. LOL, it's really thrilling to look down at the small people though. Yea, I think I love heights. Such a pity I didnt do treetop course. LOL, k I'm being naggy. I thought the rock climbing was a short distance man, but it's quite tall lo. Finally reached the summit, enjoyed our wonderful can food lunch with bread. And btw, there's no toilets. If you wanna pee, it's gonna be nature's resort. LOL. And BTW again, they told me there's Mcdonalds at the summit and I really believed them ): I thought there's like a beautiful waterfall there, with many shops like Mcdonalds and everything. Cos they told us to bring money, damn them la, I really go bring siah. In the end it's all a lie. You have no idea how disappointed I was when there's no shops at all at the top okay. I was like, Huh? Where's Mcdonalds? Still happily somemore leh, then they scold me ): I'M SO SAD. I saw Zhengyu and Farhan peeing! HAHAHA, no la, just joking. I saw Zhengyu come back from peeing, and saw Farhan on the way to peeing. LOL. Then we took photos at the top of the mountain. So nice :D But that's not all, we still had to go down the mountain. AND BLOODY HELL, there's no short cut ): Rushed down the mountain as the sun is setting and rain is coming soon. To me, I think going down the mountain is harder siah. Very slippery, luckily there's Farhan and Nicholas helping. And thanks to Sheela's stick. K sounds wrong. Just like how melvin asked sheela, "How do you feel playing with your stick?" LOLOLOL, we kept laughing at him afterwards. And OH YA, {WHERE DID THE BEE LAND?} Inside joke by PAU(Raushiqah), Sheela and Farhanny. LOL. And Lingyi's Peter Chao imitation. Damn funny la, Ms Lim finds it irritating. So I kept saying 'Justin Beepber' in front of her. HAHAHA. And 'bowlig arrey' LOLOL. K I'm addicted to Peter Chao now. Took the truck back to campsite again. Had BBQ for dinner! WOOHOO! We all went crazy I swear. Yingjie, Chaoxin, Alison, Ms Lim, Sheela, Pau and I were playing the card. We had to suck the card with our mouth and pass it around in circles. it's so fun! And Shangwei, Zhonghao and Zhengyu keep throwing rice and corn at me. Good thing I ignored them. :D Went back to seminar room afterwards, pasted the post it notes I wrote last night and pasted on the names on the wall. Then there's an activity whereby each group will have a bag of gems in the middle. We had to give the gem to a person we treasure alot, tell them why we give it to them and why we choose this colour. I received from sheela first, she was crying like a baby when she gave me. I hugged her around 3 times or more. I was crying already. Then I took a green gem and gave it to Rasyidah. She's crying. Omg, I cant stop crying also. She's so cute. I hugged her, and I just kept crying and crying and crying. I gave it to her cos she's very very precious to me, and green is her favourite colour. Then I gave one to Sheela, I told her that we may keep singing the song that we'll be friends til the end of this camp only, but I really dont want the friendship to end. She made the days in the camp so memorable. I love her. Then I gave somemore to Eunice, Alison, Chaoxin, Yingjie and Zhonghao. To Eunice, I may be harsh on her sometimes. I really appreciate it that she took it positively, that I wanted her to be better. She's one rare person who knows how to endure me, I can be totally natural with her. She's someone I dont ever wanna lose. <3

Day 5, 4 June 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! <3 align="center">Woke up an hour late today was meeting time was @ 8.30am. We are allowed to wear slippers and girls are allowed to let down their hair. YAY. Breakfast, there's cereal and milk. Omg, yay! Then we went swimming and playing in the waterfall. The waterfall is really dangerous. YES, the rocks are damn slippery. There's like rocks everywhere la, and there's also fishes. Omg, scare the shit out of me. Got out of the waterfall and went to the swimming pool instead. K everyone went there afterwards, almost everyone. The pool is deep at first, but as you continue walking it's actually quite deep okay. There's a slope. And then the guys keep playing with the crocodile bench. Disgusting la. Chenlong suffered man, scarly later no more manhood. Went back to bunk afterwards. Heading to Jusco for shopping. Packed up everything, our room was in a mess when we left. HAHAHA, heck care. We even left the aircon on siah. Jusco is a nice shopping mall man, a pity I brought very little money. ): Only 44 RM. I even had to borrow from Eunice. I brought two really nice wrist bangles at only $4, 10RM. And Eunice bought a donut mirror for me, it smells nice also la, for $2, 5.90RM. And I bought a pair of ear studs for $1+, 3.90RM. And a dunkin' donut, it's so cheap leh walau. And it's nice. :D Yea, that's all i bought. I'm gonna bug my mum to bring me there this holiday again. I wanna buy somemoremoremoremoremore! HAHAHA. Then came back to Singapore. I was damn high on the bus again. LOL OOOPS. So fun. EHEHEHEH HAHAHHA!

Home sweet home <3

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