Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a doorway to my dreams.

Yesterday was my first day of work. OVERALL: DAMN COOL FUN AND ABUEGUIWJ IJNSJABSBHWJNJK! LOLOLOL. So we met @ B&S and set off to City Hall to meet the china guy who will lead us to the hotel. We're working at Swissotel at Raffles City. When we got into the 'Only for Staffs' room (damn cool, it's like behind the scenes) we had to line up to sign in. Quite a long wait, Pan and I got neglected much. -,- LOL. We got our hotel groupings, I'm with Wilson (Canning), Zhengyang's with Chaoyi (Cal??? something something), Pan (Atrium) and Jonathan (Padang) are alone. SAD.
Got our uniforms, I still remember my size number (F-m59). LOLOLOL. Got changed in the girls changing room. There's lockers everywhere, only for those full time workers. We're part time, so no lockers for us. ): After we changed, YAY, we look exactly like one of them. NICE. Ate at the Tuck Room, it looks just like a hawker centre, just that everything is free for us. :D Almost all of us ate the same food. LOL. Then off we go for briefing.
I didnt get my name tag, got a temporary one with the name "Siew Hong". LOL. I got paired up with a short china guy. K I'm so envious of Wilson, his partner is damn good can. -,- My partner dont teach me anything one la, everything i say i dont know, he do. WTH? And I'm suppose to follow him wherever he go, but he told me to stand and watch over the plates and everything. I dont like him la. He's short! Talk to him must bend over somemore siah.
Anyway (enough about him), when the guests came in, i helped to lap their napkins. AND I SERVED THE FIRST DISH. WOOHOO, so fun. You know how the waitresses and waiters got into a line and went to their tables respectively. The dish even had a colourful ball. WOW. LOLOLOL. SO NICE, and I get to go into the kitchen. It's like behind the scenes. REALLY. Damn cool. I helped to clear the dirty plates, helped to serve and give out the second dish. YAY, I did it myself. Except for the fish. My stupid partner la, I was giving out the fish halfway when he said let him do it. Damn you!
AND the person in charged praised me! YAYYYY, he's a bit angmoh-ish. He said I gave out the food really well, judging from a first-timer. I'm so happy. LOLOL. But also I got scolded la. I didnt know what to do when the whole thing was over. I was just looking at what i should do when a malay guy came scolding like "why are you standing here? I dont pay you for nothing okay!" LOL. So I went to help my new friend, who also dont like her partner, to clear the drinks.
My feet was aching alot man. Cos of the shoe. I dont know why la, it just hurts alot. When I reached the girl changing room, first thing I do is to remove the shoe. God, the feeling was heaven. LOL. I should cut my nails. changed and met the guys. We walked round and round Raffles City, can't find our way out. Then finally Pan found it! YAY. And Chaoyi happily ran to the glass door, pushed and lay flat on it. Pan walked towards the door, gave a face and pull the glass door. HAHAHAH, damn funny la!
And got one more. Pan was halfway down the escalator when Jonathan say he wanna go Macdonalds. So Pan ran up the escalator that is going down, LOL. She look like a hamster on the running thing. HAHAHHA. So funnny. And because of Jonathan, we missed the last train home. So we randomly walked to any busstop and took the bus that leads us to somewhere nearer to home. There goes the last bus. We sat down, dont know what to do. I was yawning non-stop. Finally, Pan took a cab with Wilson. I took a cab with Chaoyi. And Jonathan's father sent Zhenyang back home. Happy ending. :D
PS: I didnt know Zhenyang is from china.

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